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fredag, mars 25, 2005

Long Friday --> Good Friday

In Norwegian we call this day Long Friday and think about how hard and long it was for Jesus. Many of you call it Good Friday, because what Jesus did this day was good for us. Together they make a whole.


The last weeks I've been posting pictures on my photoblog
A Farmer's Child's Tales from my trip to South Africa. The last two of those pictures is from Shobashobane and now I will tell some more about what happened there 25th of December 1995.

It was our third day in SA, everything was still a little overwhelming - but we were starting to adjust. Some of us was out on the sea fishing for shark (!) The rest of us had a busy day of visiting several places and people. One of those places was Shobashobane and one of these people was he (sorry don't know his name) who stood in front of us and told the story.

Sobashobane belonged to a greater area called Izingolweni. The area is controlled by a Chief and divided into 8 areas, Shobashobane is one of those. The people lived thogether peacefully until the peak of the violence in early 90's. Then some ofthe people joined the Inkata party others became followers of Nelson Mandela and NCA. The majority of the people in the great area belonged to Inkata, but in Shobashobane there was a majority of NCA supporters. The Chief saw this as a problem for the area, he wanted the all to stand together - not fight each other! So he demanded that the NCA supporters should leave Shobashobane; if he needed he would use force to move them.

The NCA supporters, mostly the young people in the village, refused to move. But after several armed attack, many of the non-political villagers left the area.

Then it happened, on the night before Christmas-day, they came in great number; maybe a thousand. They wanted to get rid of the NCA-people once and for all. When they left, 19 people were dead, many more was hurt and a lot of the houses was burnt down.

He lost his daughter, she was only 17. He speaks low and touches us deeply with his story. Together we travel to a graveyard where they are buried. It is not common with graveyards in SA, but they decided to have one place to go with sorrow and loss, and one place to remember. A memory board is placed near, with the name and age of all who got murdered.

He showed us her name: Nyawose Phindle. He showed us her grave. Then we sang together a song of hope in Jesus and heaven. In our Norwegian word and on his zulu melody.

Since the incident there has been much work done in the area of the diaconial institution: Practical Ministries. When we was there they were in the work of building a community-house; trying to bring the people back together. So such a tragedy never will happen again.

torsdag, mars 24, 2005

On the move!

I'm in the process of moving to a new domain with my Lime. So far I have not imported all the post from this blog to the new, but I have the ones for 2004. I'm still posting here some more days, but will move on after a while - so please visit my new Lime home and update bookmarks ;)


Maundy Thursday

I'm a little slow at learning; have just recently discovered that my pc makes a good DVD player.... :D I have no DVD-player attacked to my TV, but now I can watch DVD's still ;) Since Sunday I've seen: "The Day after Tomorrow" and "The Incredibles". The films are really different (!) but I liked them both. Next on the list is maybe "The Passion of the Christ", but I think I will see that one at my neighbor's house... What is your favorite????

Now I'm just home relaxing a bit. I've been at one church for my first service of the day. Tonight there is a new one in the church close by my house. We're doing a new thing this year; celebrating an Easter-meal similar to the Passover meal but with the Messiah = Jesus. We've never done it before so it is both scaring and fun... Hope people dare to come - there will be feeding =>

onsdag, mars 23, 2005

Note to self:

When you want to get up early in the morning; you got to be home before 3 am!!!

søndag, mars 20, 2005

Sunday Quote

Today is Palm Sunday the day where the crowd greeted Jesus at Jerusalems gate when he came riding in on a donkey. They greeted him like a king, laid out branches and clothes on the road and shouted: Hosanna! (= give salvation). They never thought he would do it the way he did!

The day before he was a visitor at his friends house in Bethany. There Mary poured nard over him. The whole house smelled like perfume and the others asked: was this really necessary; couldn't the money rather be used on the poor??

"Leave her alone," Jesus replied. "It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me."
(The full text: John 12:1-15)

Wonder if Mary ever knew how important her act was?
Or that we 2000 year after remember her for what she did that day??

lørdag, mars 19, 2005

Terri Schiavo

I'm terrible late with this post; but I post it anyhow.

The last weeks I've been reading a lot of blogs about Terri Schiavo and the ruling of taking away her intravenous given food so she'll starve to death. I don't know anything about this other than what I've been reading on other blogs. But it seems like a bad idea to let her die in this manner, even though it can't have been an easy decision for the court either. But if any of the stories about Terri that I've read is true (and they probably are) it is my opinion that the court made a wrong decision; and this is a little blog from Norway trying to tell the world that!

If you want more info, Catez at All things 2 all keep us up to date, please take at trip over to her and join us in a prayer for a better solution than the present one.

Food and talk

Sorry of the lack of postings lately; there just has been so much else - and a hand who needed rest... But I feel better know ;)

Yesterday my house was filled with young people again. Every so often I invite the teenagers, in the area I'm pastor, from age 15/16 and above. We talk, make dinner and eats, sometimes we watch TV, other times we just talk some more... They usually stay from 8 pm to 12 or 12:30 am. For me it is a way of keeping in touch with them after Confirmation and also a way to learn how it is to be young today. Many of those attending live far away during the week because of school and don't see each other that often either. So I'm not the only one enjoying this evenings of FOOD & TALK.

fredag, mars 18, 2005

A blessing:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind always be at you back
The sunshine warm upon your face
The rain fall soft upon your fields,
and until we meet again
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand

- an Irish blessing

I will leave you with this one, found it here and there on the web while searcing for stuff on the day. I have gone into a new day, for many of you there is still much left of St. Patrick's day. So to all you who celebrate: enjoy and God bless!!

*hugs*Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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