torsdag, september 02, 2004

And then she ran!!

This has been a day with little time to rest my thought's. I've jumped from this to that, and so on!

When I first started out as a pastor I wanted to be a person with time, time to spear, - with other people. Time for talk about whatever we wanted, without any glimpse toward watch at all!

But my day is't like that. Sometimes I feel like I run, even tough I stand perfectly still. It's my head that's running, packed with ideas and vision, with things I must remember and things I should have forgotten a long time ago. Sometimes I just wish for time to think things through...., and then I run along........

I have no solutions, and think it is simply part of been alive (and that is a nice thing!!) - but sometime it get to me. After all I have a wonderful job and good friends. No reason to complaint! (but this is my blog - so I do it anyway).

Maybe I can make the time stand still, but well, if that happens I will probably just be bored after short time! I like to move, and like changes - it's a good thing, really, makes you feel alive!

So then I've comforted my self - hope that you do okay as well :o)


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