lørdag, september 18, 2004

Do I dear to dream??!!

Have you ever waited for an answer to a question that means a great deal to you?? I guess you have :o)

I wait for an answer that can turn my world up side down! But I do not dear to be shore of a positive answer. I'm afraid of a negative one, and all the extra work it then will be.

Sometimes I let my self imagine how it would be if the answer is positive. It is a good thought! I really like it - even though nothing will ever be the same. Well I don't care, - what I want is far better than what I've got - I'm shore of it!! Even though I know there will be a lot of work, and little sleep - it is worth it!

Soon my waiting is over, next week or the week after that I will know the answer to my application for adoption of a child. Maybe I'm the one sitting on a plane down to Ethiopia in a few months?? I dear to dream for just a little while! :o)

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