lørdag, september 18, 2004

I'm a little bit angry with my computer!

It doesn't function as I wish!! I've now restored everything back to scratch, and have a job to download updates and more... But the machine does shot down before I've finished. Then I must start from the top again! Grrrrr.....

I've also just have an analog telephoneline, so the speed is slow.... So when a download are supposed to take three hours and it stops after two...., you understand my anger don't you!!?!!

Well, I can't don anything with it today anyway. Soon I'm traveling across the fjord, and nearly 60 kilometers east on the other side...... I and my confirmation classes are meeting for a day in the church.

After, tonight, I'm going to try to meet my friends at the "camp" close by for a chat! Maybe I even can take a little trip now if I finish this blogwriting.....

So: have a goood day!!
See you soon c",)

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