fredag, september 17, 2004

Just one of those days!

Were everything is piling up on top of each other....... With little time to get a overview and some air! But it will get better, I just know!

Today it is rainy again. Pouring down. But no wind to speak of, so it's not so bad at all (nothing like Ivan, who is blowing everything to pieces in the Caribbean - hope that life is spared today!)

Later in the afternoon I'm meeting my two favorite 2-years old. They are twin girls, and just adorable. I'm so lucky to be a part of their life, and look forward too each meeting with them. Their mother is pastor as well, and this weekend the twins (and their father) are accompany her at a weekend for the youths who attend her confirmation class. The "camp" is just down the road for me - so I'll meet them as well :o)

In my spare time at home, I'm trying to bring my computer up to speed - but it takes time I'll have to admit that. Now I have gotten my Norwegian version so it is just a matter of time before I'm up and running like I did before. Can't hardly wait!

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