mandag, september 06, 2004

One day off :o)

My job has a habit of taking all my time (or it feels like it from time to time) - this day is my day off. I'm not even going to re charge my cell phone until late in the evening, and maybe I'll just don't take the phone. I've decided that this Monday I'm just do whatever comes in my head. I think I will work some more with my homepage, but I'm not quit shore........ :o)

When I woke up the sun was shining, but now the gray weather has taken over again. Well it doesn't matter, I stay in today and enjoy all the joy a computer can give c",)

When I'm bored a book is my next project... (I just love the adventure of Botswanas No. 1 Ladies' Detective Precious Ramotswe, now I read the 3rd book - Alexander McCall Smith is the author)

But right now I desperately need some coffee!!

Good morning to you to!!!

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