tirsdag, september 14, 2004

Sermon about Maria and Martha

On Sunday I am going to preach about Maria, Martha and Jesus (From Luke 10:38-42) .

The story itself is a lovely story (in my ears!) of everyday life in a family. A guest (or rather guests) have arrived and there is much to do. I imagine that Martha is one of those people who always do a lot for other people. That is her way of showing that she cares! With Maria on the other hand, it's different. She wants to be near the guest, show how much she cares by being close and listen. Two ways to approach equally appreciated by the guest, it seems. Even thought Maria's approach maybe was something for Martha to try - there is also much "godswork" in cocking and cleaning!

In our church there are this Sunday different ages, from 0 to over 80...... We have invited those who are 4 years old. And the youth who attend confirmanion class shall be presented for the congregation. So they will get the attention this time. But it's going to be a service with many things, and I have made my self promise that it will take no more than an hour. I'm not shore if that is possible :o)

Tomorrow I shall meet three of the youth's mentioned above. They shall participate both in preparing the service - and have specially things to do in the actually service on Sunday. I'm looking forward to meet them and learn from them. What do they think about the text I wonder??

Tomorrow I'll know :o)

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