onsdag, september 01, 2004

To love each other...

...is one of our highest goals as Christian! The most important thing. But how???

Paul gives us a load of tips in the text set at September 5th this year (Norwegian churchyear): Romans 12:9-15

  • let the love be sincere
  • keep to good things
  • love each other as brothers and sisters
  • honor one another above yourselves
  • keep your spiritual fervor
  • serve the Lord
  • be joyful in hope, patient in hard time and faithful in prayer
  • share
  • practice hospitality
  • bless and do not course
  • rejoice with those who rejoice
  • cry with those who cries

Puh! It's quite a list, - I'll say! Can we do all these things??

Not in our selves, I think, - but by Gods love traveling through us, we can. 'Cause the love must come from him, not ourselves. All starts with Gods love toward us, without it we can do nothing! With it we can even love our enemies!

Good thing Gods love is a gift given freely to us, with grace!
May God Bless You with His Love!

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