lørdag, september 11, 2004

Well, the house isn't any cleaner....

I'm still without connection at home, so now I'm sitting at work again :o) Some way to spend my weekend off!

I've deleted and relaunched. Tried to get my computer to cooperate like it should, but I'm not shore I can make it this day........ But by tomorrow I'm up and running I hope - have a lot to do out here in space (or my computer goes to the doctor on Monday)!

It's kind of funny: it's not possible for me to stop thinking and trying to make it work again, why can't I just let the machine be??!?? But: just me knowing that something is wrong makes me angry, and then it's on my mind every minute..... I'm totally "stuck" c",)

Tomorrow I'm going to a service at my neighbouring congregation, I'm looking forward to be a receiver and not just a giver... As a part of the congregation that day, I will off cause also give to the fellowship - but I'm not at front and "controls" it all. If you understand what I mean?!?

The darkness has fallen upon us here in Norway, and the rainy day makes it even darker. Were heading for winter up here in the north. Nothing makes a late autumn-evening so giving and bright as candlelight - so now I'm going home to lit a bunch!

See you in church tomorrow :o)

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