torsdag, oktober 14, 2004

7th Heaven..

There is one thing that relaxes me. It is an hour with the Camden family :o)
These days there is rerun of the series and I tape it every day, looking forward to jump down in front of the TV whit some kind of dinner - and a "new" episode.

I smile, cry, laugh out load and get something to think about. Of cause something is familiar since I'm too are a pastor. Something are plain fun! I have no problem seeing the American way in the series, and the American values - some of them I like, some not. But still the series makes me feel good. If I one day has forgotten to set the video, I get upset when there are no video to watch. Sometimes the weekend are long without my hour in 7th Heaven! (Yea! I know I'm hooked!) I wish the series goes on forever, and that Norwegian television keeps buying new sessions!

You haven't seen it yet?? You should!!

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