fredag, oktober 22, 2004

And then - boom - it all starts up again!

There is a funny thing about the rural area where I live. That is the months October (the two last weeks that is) and November. After a good and long period where few things happens, everything shall happen in one big booom ;o) Then suddenly there seems to be something to do every day of the week, and the weekend are busy too!

I've only lived here for a few years, and can hardly catch up on everything. Today there is a "town-evening", and I only new about it the last two hours.... But I'm going, no matter how much I should have done at the office. I'll just have to spend my day at the office tomorrow (good thing I don't have a kid yet......!??!)

You know why everything happens in these months (or a lot do happened, there is some thing to do in the other weeks as well..)??? Because there was originally a lot of farmers in this area - there are many yet - and the season are busiest in the summertime..... So easy as that!

So then I have to do some work here, and then I'm of to an evening whit my fellow townsfolk ;o)

Have a good one!
anne berit

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