lørdag, oktober 02, 2004


I joined BlogExplosion today!

My hope is that it will send even more readers to my blog :o)
Please give me a comment or maybe an idea for a topic to post..... I'd love some feedback on how you think my blog is!!

Do you have a blog or something like it, join me at BlogExplotion! Just follow the link in the heading, and soon you too will be a part of the community of bloggers worldwide! See you there :o)

Soon I will put my pizza in the stove, a friend is coming by to share it with me - so nice to eat together! Later I must try to write, at least the outline of, my sermon for tomorrow. I'm lost for ideas right now - but I usually get them in the late evening or in my sleep (!) Usually I write down my sermon at Sunday morning - but tomorrow I must leave home early on and I'm not sure if I can get up even earlier to finish my sermon......... But time will show :o)

Well, then we meet at BlogExplosion! Have a good evening you all!


At 7:30 a.m., Blogger Shannon said...

I found your blog at blogexplosion.com (I just joined today too) and I LIKE IT. A lot. Your English is good, and I love that you are a pastor. Praise God.


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