fredag, oktober 01, 2004

The days go by so quickely!

Sitting here and trying to come to my senses, so to speak. These last three days have been days with lots to do, and many people to meet. It's been nice, but also tiering - I'am looking forward to a different speed tomorrow!

Today I've met with some of my fellow workers in the church on regional basis. Our mission this day was to put some of our thoughts and ideas on a paper, and make some guidelines for the teaching. We have a project for those in 5th grade (10-11 years old), they've recived Bible from the congregation for many years. Now they shall be invited to "church school" too, and also a weekend together with youths from a greater erea, next spring. This is our first try on the procjekt and there is much to think about and much to deside. One of my congregation will be the first to try, so soon everything must be in place!

Later I've invited some teenagers, who I earlyer has had as confirmants. They will come to me and we shall make dinner and eat together. That will be nice, I havn't met them since befor summer - now I can catch up. But it wouldn't be finished before midnight, so the time fly again!

Have a good weekend you all. And: don't forget to answer my quiz posted on monday! You'll get one more day to send me answer - so far I've only got from one of you.......

Love, and God bless!
anne berit :o)

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