onsdag, oktober 06, 2004

The end of a long day!

It has been a loooong day at work. Now it is nearly midnight and I just got home (and went right out on the web, of 'cause!) I did not start before 10 (am) today, but it's still nearly two days of work. I've had confirmation classes, preparation for a service later this month and a meeting with one of the local churchconsiles I am member of. Plus some hours at the office trying to get a overview over the workload
(I didn't quite finish that one c".)...)

But tomorrow, and a few of the days to come, I have time off! That is a good thing! I shall meet whit a group of single adoptive-parents, and a lot of kid adopted from different countries. I look forward to our meeting, but are not sure how to get over the mountain..... Haven't decided, but I think the car must stand on this side in case of snow...

Now I must go to sleep! I have an early morning appointment whit the, oh.. can't remember the name in English... The one that is always coated in black (at least in comicstips), who once a year - or something - climbs on the rooftop to clean the chimneys.Well, hope that you understand :o)

Have a good night sleep you too!
anne berit ;o)

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