torsdag, oktober 21, 2004

Finally --> peace and quiet

The baking youths are long gone, the house smell nicely of bread. I've been out here for an hour allready. So good to just surf on the web and rearrange my blogs right side once again ;o)Got some new bottons as well (I like those ;o)....)

I got my self a feedburner - I placed it in the bottom (on the right side)..... because, well there is not so much use for it on my own site I think.... But the code I need for my other site when it is opp and going!

Here is the Feedburner:

Maybe you will make a link to my blog?? Make me a note if you want the code ;o)


At 11:30 p.m., Blogger J.A. Miranda said...

Liked your blog. God bless!


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