tirsdag, oktober 19, 2004

Got my coffee and my bibel, and made a pitstop :o)

God morning! (or something like that!)

A few days ago I discovered a site that is going through the bibel in a year, whit comments. As a pastor, I often read in the Bible because of work - but I have had some trouble structuring my self for reading more than just workrelated.

So I made myself a good cup of coffee, fetch my Bible and made a stop at Dougs site Coffeeswirl, and read a few chapters. Time will show if this is something I will continue whit! But I sure liked the idea of making some of the post in the blog be a bibelstudy.....!

Make Doug a visit you to!

By the way, got myself a new thingy on site: a vers of the day ;o) Now we're talking!
Need some help whit the heading of the site, noone got a good idea or a good link (to something free.....) I will apriciate some help - I also are not happy whit my sidebar, it is a mess :o)

Have a good day! God bless!!


At 10:56 p.m., Blogger Andrea said...

I enjoyed stopping by your blog (via Blog Explosion). I'll be sure to visit again.

At 11:31 p.m., Blogger J.A. Miranda said...

Enjoyed your blog. God bless!


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