mandag, oktober 18, 2004

Had forgotten how good it is to be outside... :o)

In my "to-fast-speeded"-life I just had forgotten how good it makes me feel to spend some time outside. It is so easy to just dump down in front of the telly (or the web...) - but being outside doing stuff gives the extra something.

So now I'm all bottled up, and soon the wood will all be in my garage and not outside in the rain! As you can see of my mood I'm quite happy with myself :o) (well, there is nobody else to say it - and somebody has to do it! That's how it work......)

Tonight I'm trying to do a lot of work on my photo presentation that shall follow my documents south. The photos shall be of me, my familiy and friend, my house and so on. It takes some time to collect the right pictures, so I must head on whit it if I shall finish by the end of this month!

See you later!

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