lørdag, oktober 30, 2004


After spending the night whit over 500 youths, it is so good to be home! I just had to sheer that whit you before I head for bed :o)

It was a good night, but now I'm tired!!
The girl soccer-team played really good, and missed only one point to play in the finales. Too bad, but still - they did good!

It is a wonderful thing this night late in October where all confirmantes in a greater area meets for a night whit soccer, fun and Jesus. They also gather money for some project, this year it was to the only YMCA in Sudan. And my team was the best boot, and collected most! I'm so proud of my youths, all of them!

Now I will sleep some hours. Have a good one, I'll be out here later on.

anne berit =>

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