tirsdag, oktober 26, 2004

"I have looked forward to this since you asked me!"

- said one of my good young helpers at our "Sundays-school on a Tuesday" (:o)...)

It was so nice to hear. I had never imaged that one simple question would mean that much. But I'm soooo glad that I did ask for help! There is always use for an extra hand when working whit children ages 3-10, ....and she's good at it to =>
Today we were about 15 small and big....

Sometimes we just forget, and take all upon our selves. It is some work needed whit asking and helping them to do what are their shores - but it also gives so much back. That is my opinion and experience.

So now I'll just have to remember to ask some simple questions - I'll never know when it means the world for people!

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