tirsdag, oktober 05, 2004

It has been a strange day -but good! :o)

I've waited so long for an approval, - and to go a step furher in my search for a child. Now I am here, ready for new waiting.....

It has not been easy to work today. Couldn't consentrate at all - hope it will be easyer tomorrow. I have so much I should have done a long time ago! Now I'm going to pop some popcorn and enjoy an hour whit Judging Amy. For so long I can do this by my self in short, I hope, time I maybe must comfort a crying child in the middle of my series....

Well, I doesn't care! I sure know what is more important!!! A lot is going to change. I think a lot about how - and also about how it will be to be a pastor and a single mother to a little child. I don't have all the answers just yet. But I'm sure it will work, and I have an understanding boss --> that is good to know!

As you see: no colors! Still working whit Opera, I like it a lot... BUT WERE ARE MY COLORS AND BOLD LETTERS, MY HTML AND MORE......

Have a good one!
anne berit :D now a mother to be!

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