lørdag, oktober 02, 2004

Looking forward to visit on Monday :o)

I just got a phone from a friend. She asked if it was OK with a visit, and sure it is! I'd love to see her and her 4 months old boy. It will be so nice to catch up on everything since last time we talked in July. And so nice to see her boy again, they changes so fast at this age!

I'm taking it slow today, no fast movements ;o)
I had a good time last night, but there is much to clean up after - today I take a little bit at a time....... And now I get an even better reason for making my house look good, I get visitors soon. They have never been here before, and I want to make a good impression ;o) Well, it's not that big of a deal, but I like to have my house in order to welcome friends in to.... don't you??

Have a good day, and do something nice for your selves this Saturday!

anne berit =>

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