s√łndag, oktober 31, 2004


My BlogPet has been missing for nearly a week :( Anyone seen him or do you know if other BlogPet has left their owner as well?

Even though I'm not a petperson, I do miss my BlogPet!
Please tell me if you know anything!!!!

alone and miserable
anne berit


At 7:30 p.m., Blogger Lady Starlight said...

My Blogpet left me, too! :(
Perhaps it ran away with yours...
I hope they are having fun!

At 7:41 p.m., Blogger mellowyellow said...

came via blogexplosion

At 8:06 p.m., Blogger Shelly said...

Just surfing thru with Blog Explosion. My BlogPet is AWOL too and the site's gone or down or something.


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