s√łndag, oktober 24, 2004

Moonlight made the fjord silver!

There has been some beautiful moonlight tonight! I had to drive a little trip and could see it in all it's beauty. There is something whit a clear evening, when the moon light up the landscape. Make you which for a slow walk whit someone you hold near. At least that's what I want :o)

It's been a long day, even though I could use some more hour to finish my work - there is just no more power left in me to do so. I just want to surf around here a little while, and then I'm going to bed early. Hoping for a good night sleep.

By tomorrow midday, if I'm lucky, my car will be all put together again. I hope so, for then I can make my trip to my good friend some 80 kilometer north. Haven't seen her and the twins for a while and I miss them ;o) (This is a hug through my blog <3<3<3)

Best whiches for the week ahead! c",)
anne berit

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