fredag, oktober 29, 2004

My day goes by quickly!

Wrote some words yesterday, but it never got published - so now I just have to make a little post here so you don't think that I am abandoning you! I do on the other hand have little time for blogwriting this week, there is just to much going on at work.

Yesterday we started a new project whit the age 10-12, for a long time we have given each 11 year old a bible. Now we expend the contact whit four meetings and a weekend, plus one-three services. We had a good time together yesterday and I am curios and excited when thinking if this is something that can stuck and be a good tool in the teaching of youths about Christianity and church.

Tonight am going to be awake. In a few hours I and some youths from my congregations will leave for a soccer-cup together whit other youths in the greater area. It is the local YMCA who is behind this night. And it is a lot of fun, but I get sooooo tired tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow my plan is to sleep, sleep, sleep, get me some food, surf some blogs and maybe write some posts, then sleep some more! On Sunday I have two services, and I must stay awake through them both ;o)

Love from anne berit =>

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