mandag, oktober 18, 2004

My day off work!

Monday is may day off work (since I often work Sundays). It is the day I do nothing or everything, it depends on my mood and how tired I am(!) Some days I just can't put my self to do anything, but usually I at least do some laundry or clean up in my house..

Today I am supposed to do a lot of phone calls, but I rather spend my day here on the web - just cruising around ;o) Well, soon I shall pull my selves together but first some word here from me to you!

The reason for my phonecalls are the paperwork concerning the adoption, there is a lot of forms and document that I have to collect, so I just have to get started!!!!
After I will go out and do some wood piling, get the rest of it into the garage (I took over half of it on Saturday, so it is a nice job out in the sunshine..)

And I have some other shores to do on the outside as well. My garden are not a pretty sight! But I'll wait for the spring and new chances....

Have a good day!
anne berit


At 12:21 a.m., Blogger lille42 said...

i love your site so much its awesome!
i just started mine and i need some help do you think you could tell me how you got that stuff or what you did if so that would be greatly appreciated you could email me at or go to my site o u might know what to with this i have an error that comes up when i sign in to hello i dont know how to get rid of it or past it thanks again sorry its long


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