s√łndag, oktober 24, 2004


I promised my self when I started to blog, that I should post a quote from the Bible each Sunday - lately I haven't kept my word. But this Sunday I will!

Had to stand up to early this morning, so I had no time for making a post :o) The ferry across the fjord goes 8:30 am. And I had to take it (even though the service doesn't start before 11:00 am) -> there is nearly 60 kilometers to drive. Today we had invited some children to the service, I also had help of two youths (I so much like that - which that I could prepare the service whit some youths each time... ). I think it is a good idea to use the youths not only to read the scripture but also to be a part of the sermon (and so on).

When I hear the text about Jesus and the children, I can't help but see a smiling Jesus in the crowd of noisy children. There is sure some quiet ones as well. But I do like the thought of my picture of Jesus and the children to be whit real kids!
Here is the last word of the story:

And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.

Read all of it in: Mark 10:13-16
How does your picture of the story look like?? (give me a comment (o:)

God bless you!

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