onsdag, oktober 20, 2004

Today my car broke down!

I was heading for a really busy day this morning. Stayed in bed to long, so my good intention of reading the Bible in the morning lasted only one day..... (but there is always tomorrow ;o)!!!) I tried to make a little blog, just to say hello, this morning - but the machine cut me off and decided to make a stop. And then I had no more time, and had to run.

Started the engine of my beloved car (as normal..) - and then it broke!!!!
I got awake real fast. This was not a good day for my car to stop moving. But it did, and I had to go back inside and call for help..... You can imagine how happy I was about my morning!!! Grrr! (this is in Norwegian, I guess the English term is something like: arrrrhg! But I'm not quite sure - hope you get the idea...!)

Luckily there was not to big of a damage to my engine, just something that had to be installed again (in new version) - but it will of course take some days to get the part shipped to this rural area. (But it will not be to bad if there only are any part in the country - and I guess there is!) My car is an American Ford Explorer, I love it - but it cost me to much money sometimes!!! I am also happy for me living right here where I am, because we have short way for "carhelp". But my care is still at the auto repair, so now I'm leasing a car (and that costs me money as well...)

The rest of the day went as planned (even though I got seriously late...) I went for a seminar about children and church. Then I had to prepare the funeral tomorrow. The evening we had a meeting of our local church council. Puh!!

It is so good to be home at last! Soon I'm jumping down in front of my telly. I'm going to view 7th Heaven recorded on Monday....... I think that I maybe will have something to view in the weekend to, have little time for video tomorrow as well!

But some last words: I told my local church council about my forthcoming adoption (and the year in permission, as we have here in Norway) AND THEY WERE SO HAPPY FOR ME! I'm so glad! It meant a great deal to me that those whom I'll meat on a regular basis - and who has much to say in the church life - wanted to support me! This is a good community to be a part of!

Then I'll be off!
There will not be much from me tomorrow either, but then it will be some more hours to spend on the web in the weekend! See you later!


anne berit c",)


At 8:24 p.m., Anonymous Anonym said...

Found you via blog explosion - nice site. Sorry to hear about your car :(



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