torsdag, oktober 21, 2004

Well, the rain had to fall sometime :o)

And I'm glad that it didn't start until after the funeral... It is not good to stand outside when the rain is pouring down. Now it is ok, even though the early afternoon get quite dark.

It has been a day whit many shores. And I'm not finished yet. This evening two youths will come to me and we shall bake bread for the next Sunday. We shall also prepare the service together. I find it so giving to prepare the service together whit some youths. They have a different perspective. I learn so much. And we all experience that when we do things together it gives so much more meaning. It touches our life. And nothing (well, not many..) gives me more pleasure as a minister than youths who are proud of themselves and touch by the service we've held together.

My hope is that some adult also will see this, and beg me for being involved and a more active participant. Maybe one day! ;o)

I will appreciate your comment on the Sunday service. What do you like, what do you want different and why do you attend church???

May God bless you all!
anne berit :o)

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