fredag, oktober 15, 2004

What is a life?

Pincushion gave me a difficult question today as a comment. It was about the little baby Charlotte which are very sick, and no the court has ordered that next time her little heart stops it shall not be restarted whit help of machines. It is a heartbreaking story, which I knew not so much about - but I tried to answer, and here is what I wrote:

As you wished I shall try to give a comment to your post. And it will be a long one.....

Let me first say: there is no easy way in these cases, whichever decision it will be it will cause difficulty and problems for the family and those around.

I do know the cases from UK only through newspaper, web and television. I don't knew a lot about them.

What I do know is that a little child who is suffering touch us (as it should!) There is so much future, so many hopes!

As a pastor I also know that sometimes a little life is over almost before it has started! To loose a child is so hard, I do whish that no one had to endure it! It is the saddest and hardest ting ever to follow a child to an early grave. That is, I think, way we fight so hard for the life of children!!

In a way I think there is something good about not having to decide if your childs life can go on or not. That is a decision no parents should have to make!! But then again the parents view is important when such a decision shall be made..

But sometimes maybe the parents need help to let go of a very sick girl or boy. For surely there is life even though it is a machine that do the breathing and so on. But what kind of life is it?? Is it a life that you would want your child to have? I have to say I'm not sure!

I belive that it is God who gives us life and that he also gave us wisdom and gifts that we use to save a number of lives each day. Also I belive that all those little girls and boys who dies each year goes to a loving and caring God and that they don't suffer. So also for baby Charlotte, if that is what happends.

My heart goes out to these families, and my prayers goes to God!

Please visit Pincushion on her site "The Glass Wall" and read more on this case, there are a link in the heading.


At 12:54 p.m., Blogger Pincushion said...

Thank you Anne for visiting and expressing your thoughts on the issue. Your comment is extremely thoughtful and full of compassion and yes you are so right in so many of the things that you said..No parent should have to be faced with this kind of decision, its the worst possible position for a parent to be in..AS a person of God your view is invaluable and you have helped me too in thinking about in a clearer manner..
Thank you ever so much !
I very much appreciate the fact that you responded so promptly to my request and stated your views on the subject and also that you mentioned me on your blog asking people to visit mine..its a very kind and thoughtful gesture on your part :-)
Thank you very much !


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