tirsdag, november 30, 2004

I love this time of year!

Yesterday I hung up some of my adventstars, so today when I got down in my livingroom they shone all cozy and warm at me. It makes me feel so good!

Now I must hurry to work, shall prepare for class whit 11 to 13 years old. We just started this class as a small project. It is a class whit Christian education right after school are finished. It seems to work fine - this is our 3rd class and we shall have only 4, so we are finished before Christmas whit this first project (in the spring there is camp and there are some services as well). Today the topic is BAPTISM or Christening - in Norwegian DÅP.

Have a good day!
anne berit =>

Christmas wish

There is a site for kids to send their Christmas wish here in Norway (and maybe from other country as well - they have English translation as far as I can tell). This year the kids number one wish are:

(in most cases = parents)

Wonder what is the easiest gift for parents, .............more toys or ski or time?

This certenly makes me think about how I spend my time - and how I shall spend it when there is children in my house.

mandag, november 29, 2004

Blinky blinky little star..

Got my self some blinking stars in the heading. I like them (in the heading of this post is a link to cutecolors who made them) I love stars, and keep adding new stars to my collection of advent stars for my windows. This year I'm a little late, but by tonight my windows (not all but quite a few) will have stars in them.

It is one of the advent symbols (the other are the adventwreath, as you may have guessed) that are important to me. It tells the story of the wise men looking at the star and following it to the stable where Christ was born. I love the story and their search for the newborn king. That's why my advent is filled whit stars - I follow it as well and every year it leads me right back to the stable and my King: Jesus :o)

Found Adventwreath

And learned a new word ;o)

I couldn't use it in every post though - and that is OK (I have my dancing snowman for that!) I just have to change the image in my template for every week......

Today I slept in and even when I woke up I could not get my self out of bed in some hours so things are going kind of slowe here today. But that means time to spend out here whit you and that is nice!

Well, can't be here all the time. Have a to do some housework and something whit the adoption - must get the papers sent this week, and there is still some missing (also some that I shall write..... )But first... I dwell here a little while =>

søndag, november 28, 2004

Looking for "Advent-light" for my blog...

.... anyone get a good tips where to look??

I would like a little candlelight burning in my post. One this week, two next week and so on....

Tell me if you know!!

anne berit ;o)


This Sunday is the very first in the new church year in Norway and also the 1th Sunday of Advent. I had a lot of children whit me in church today and we had a good time together. The text tells about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and about the people treating him like royalty. As a king.

And he is a king, but not like any other king. He doesn't ride in there on a shining horse - he used a donkey. He doesn't surround himself whit lifeguards and important men - he has his friends, 12 pupils, who easily scare. He doesn't want to rule over us - he serves us instead.

Join in the crowds singing:

"Hosanna to the Son of David!"
"Blessed is he who comes
in the name of the Lord!"

"Hosanna in the highest!"

Hurray for Jesus - king of kings!

(The full text: Mattew 21:1-9)

lørdag, november 27, 2004

Sunday drawing 5

A this are some branches from the Palmtree and one from a tree of color.... Posted by Hello

Sunday drawing 4

This is Jesus, a colorful man! Posted by Hello

Sunday drawing 3

A lot of people was there to welcome him! Posted by Hello

Sunday drawing 2

The road Jesus rode was covered whit clothes and branches, as you can see on this picture! Posted by Hello

Sunday drawing 1

Tomorrow is the first Sunday in the new church year here in Norway. We start our new year by shouting HOSIANNA! Hurray for Jesus. Some young boys and girls have made drawings which we shall use in the service. Here is some few of them! Enjoy :o) Posted by Hello


I am the Alakai Swamp on Mount Wai'ale'ale!
Which Extremity of the World Are You?
From the towering colossi at Rum and Monkey.

A stupendously rainy volcanic crater, you hold the dubious honour of being the wettest place on Earth, which may surprise some Scots. You receive 486 inches of precipitation a year, or forty and a half feet - the height of 6.89 typical Belgians. For comparison, that's over ten times the rainfall of New York, twelve times that of Glasgow and five hundred times that of Timbuktu. If you took a cube of water a third of a mile along each edge, you would then have how much water falls on the mountain every year. You would also have a fine spot to keep whales and shrimp, assuming, of course, as you would have this water in a suitable place from which to drop it mericlessly on a soggy yet unsuspecting part of Kauai, that they were flying whales. And shrimp.

What else would I be?? Living in the western part of Norway - the rainy place.... Just one look outside tells me that..

fredag, november 26, 2004


One of my oldest and dearest friend have birthday today!
This post are to
whish her happiness and all good things there is!

We've known each other since we was 8-9 years old now we both are 33 and still friends.
I am so glad for having you as a friend, Siv!

Whit love from anne berit =>


This weeks quote




Found it surfing BE at "A cup of Rich" - didn't get the link to him though.
(That is one of the few complaint I have about BE, I can't find the URL of the site I visit - it makes it difficult (not impossible I know that) to link to good pages, and make a link in my post when I use something I find interesting as the quote above. )

An update at 22:27, I've put the link to Rich in the heading -> go visit!

Shining light at my church :o)

Due to financial reason the light on our church are off most of the year, it is just to expensive to run every night. (And some might think it's not that important)

But from now on and until early January the church will have light on. And it is soooooo beautiful!! Whish (again) that I had a digital camera - then I would have showed you.

The church is white and normally, this days, it is just a dark spot in the night. But now it lights up on my view from my living room. I think these Norwegian wooden churches are so pretty especially when they have lights on in the dark night!

For me it is a way for the church to be a part of the community just by being visual. Everyone can see it's presence and it is a whiteness for the faith in Christ, so my dream is light throughout all the winter months.

Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path.

Psalm 119:105

Then I have deleted.....

It is still a little funny, I think.

I was so angry this morning for not being able to publish my post - and then when in the middle of the day I got room for posting a new one, the old post got published as well. And not as one post - but four! I tried several times before I had to go for work this morning, you see c",)

What else is there to do but laugh?!

Now I have lit my fire and gotten some rest. Have plans for some work related action on my computer - but first some seriously surfing ;o)I have my coffee in my hand and are ready to see what you have for me tonight!


Well, I just must laugh!

I told you that I had problems publishing my post this morning! So I tried several times..... as you can see below :o)

Have no time to clean up now, but will do it tonight! Hope that you can roll down below the last X posts - there is something else... ;o)

Have a good day!!
Love and laugh from anne berit ;o)

Blogger hey, hey! I never know what to expect......


I hope that your celebration was a good one! I'm sorry to not have posted this yesterday. But I could not connect to internet due to unknown reason yesterday evening - and this morning when I tried to publish my post Blogger wouldn't let me (that drives me crazy by the way --> you Blogger people: do something!!)

So then I whish you HAPPY THANKSGIVING one day late!

We don't have this celebration in Norway and we don't share the story behind the celebration. But I wished that we had such a day! We've already adopted Halloween, now I just wait for us to adopt Thanksgiving as well - for we here in my country has things that we are grateful for as well :o)

It is so easy to forget to give thanks for everything we've gotten - I guess it is easier if there is a day for it each year....

My thanks this year is for my family and friends who means the world to me. And for being approved as an adoptive mother (that is huge thanks, by the way!)

Hope I will be able to post this...
anne berit =>

onsdag, november 24, 2004

Good news for chocoholics..

I can't go to bed before I tell you that now a professor from London - a Peter Barnes, have discovered that chocolate helps against chafing*.

That I never would have expected - but sure it is good news. I've been doing a lot of chafing* lately so tomorrow I will try whit a little bar of chocolate and see if it will go away.

anne berit ;o)

* I don't have my dictionary at hand, but hope that I remembered the right word. Think having a cold, think shore throat - what do you do? (Hark, hark...)
The link in the heading are leading to a Norwegian article....

Driving in melting snow...

...is a sure way to get tired!

I have a heavy car whit kind of big tires. The tires follow any lines (tracks) they can find so I can't use any speed when the weather is like this, so to drive 40 kilometers takes forever, it seems...

Tonight I am tired, not only because of driving though. I have a bad habit of not going to bed before it is too late and after 12. So when my alarm goes of at 6 or 7 in the morning I usually haven gotten more than 6 hour sleep. That is at least one hour too short. I am a night person and enjoy the hours from 10 PM and beyond.

I know that things must change, and I think that I just will be so tired that a change comes along easily when there will be a child in the house. But it is no easy job to change that habit when there is room for sleeping in, at least, some mornings during the week....

So you probably will meet me here again some other night as well :o)

But now I'll go in a few minutes. Tomorrow is a new workday, I'm going to a town near by having a funeral, and I shall visit a nursinghome in the same area in the afternoon. In between I get dinner at my friends house. That will be good! :o)

A good thing is that I don't have to be at work before nine tomorrow, so I will enjoy an hour extra in bed!!!

A good night too you all, and good morning to some =>

anne berit

Another busy day ahead! I sure need my coffee :o) I still whish for some more hours in my day, but I'll use those I've got as good as I can! Today I'm going over on the south side of the fjord. It is snowy and windy outside - a day I rather spend inside. But, well, I have to go! Whish you all a good day! God bless! Posted by Hello

tirsdag, november 23, 2004

A busy day, whit only time for a quick post :o) So I want to send a picture of the sun, shining on the ocean and making it look like silver. That's the kind of weather we've had today (I've seen it form inside my office....) Whit the snow white and shiny too it has been a beautiful day! Now the sun has set and darknes is soon coming, I'm home for a little food but soon I'm on my way again. First there is a childrensmeeting (sunday school on a tuesday!) Then there is school for the adult!! (And then there is time for bed!) Whish for some more hour's this day - but try to think that time is something that comes to me, not that it is something that goes form me...... Have a good day everyone! Hugs from anne berit ;o) Posted by Hello

mandag, november 22, 2004

Sunday quote - one day late!

Tried to post a quote yesterday, but for some reason Blogger didn't let me in. It is not the first time, and probably not the last - but it is tiering not to be able to post whenever I want to and have time to spend!!!!!

Anyhow; yesterday was the Last Sunday in our Norwegian Church-Year. Often we call the day The Sunday of Jugdment. So you might not wonder when I say it is a day where we talk about the very last day, the jugdment-day. This year we preached over a text from Revelation, in this text (as many others) there is above all word for us living our life not knowing when Christ will return and maybe not even caring that much about it.
It is the words: I AM COMING SOON!!

For sure there have been some days since he walked the earth, but in the great picture, how much time is 2000 years really, compared to the age of the creation?? Just a second it seems.

Many don't care much for talking about The Jugdment-day because they are not that eager for it to come. I see that, I too want to live my life just like it is for some more years - but do you really think that what Jesus has to give can be any less than we've already gotten?? And will I miss my old life - when I walk along whit the Lord?? - I think not!!!

And then the most important note:
We have nothing to fear from Jesus on Jugdement-day - as long as we have him as a friend. Our paycheck my vary from person to person, but Jesus promised that whoever belived in him should have eternal life; no matter what the life looked like(!) That is gathered in one word: GRACE!

God bless you all!

"Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. "Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.
(Rev 22:12-17)

lørdag, november 20, 2004

Snow tow gone bad.....

Found a hilarious video on my surfing through blogs. Follow the link in the heading and make a laught whit me, gratefully for not owning that car! Can't help but feeling sorry for him though!

I found the link at the pages of Just Sue: "Life as we know it...second star on the the right..." http://ladybird_67.blogspot.com

Make her a visit as well!

A snowy three, whit a chuch in background! Posted by Hello

B helped me whit some winterpictures :o) This is from her home a little north of were I live. But the look is pretty much the same.... Lovely isn't it??? Thanks a lot B! Posted by Hello

An NaNoWriMo update

I signed up for the 50.000 word contest early on in November. And thought that there was a slight chance for me to actually manage it. But this last days have showed me that I have no time for it this year, even though I still want to be in the contest....

So as of now you all know that I no longer are writing my 2000 word a day :o( But I will be back next year!! The idea of NaNoWriMo is way too cool to give up on forever...

Silver shines from fjord and snow!

Again I whish I had a digital camera! It is just so beautiful outside. Whit the snow covering the earth, the sun shining and making everything look like silver! A beautiful, and not too cold, winter day it is!!

I can't help but feel good :o) And thankful to the creator for our nature!
So even though must of my work today are indoors, I will look out the window a lot!

anne berit =>

fredag, november 19, 2004

Snow, snow keeps falling on my head..

There is so much snow outside! It covers up everything, and there is no wind - so the threes are white as well. I love it (but driving takes so much longer...) I whish it could stay like this for the rest of the winter, but know that in a few days it will all be gray and rainy again :o)

Well, I sing to myself "snow, snow keeps falling on my head" and will enjoy this winter-wonderland for as long as it is here to stay! And there is nothing so cozy as snow outside and candle light inside in the evening. That's my opinion, at least on this side of Easter...

anne berit =>

There has been a while since my last post because of my stay back east at my parents house. And then I got some problem coming home because of the weather and because of that I've had a lot to do at work this past days. Also I keep working on making my broadband function, and believe I soon can surf on a higher speed. But I will write more on this later...

lørdag, november 13, 2004

The sun is shining!

I just love it when the sun is shining and there is no clouds around! :o)

This is one of those days! But it is quite cold outside, a beautiful late fall day. Now I'm packing and prepare for driving home again. Shall stop at a good friends house for a day and then I'm going back home again, not to return here before in February I think. It is a little sad to live so far from my family and old friends. We see each other so little time and can't just stop by for a cup of coffee whenever we want. But in some years time I will move back home and take over the farm which I grow up on. Then I will miss all my friends back west.....

I love living in the western part of Norway. I have a lot of good friends there as well. And I really enjoy my work and the people I work whit and for, - so it is not all sad to be going back either!!

Just whish for a snowy winter..... (that will never happen so close to the fjord, no matter what my pixigirl shows!) =>

Have a good weekend!

anne berit (o:

My days whit family...

This week I've spent whit my family. It has been good to cache up and be together for some days, I also have had some time to visit my friends from my childhood - that is always nice! So even though my cold has made it difficult to do all that I planned I've had a good stay :o)

Today we celebrated, about a month late, my fathers 62nd birthday. It was not a big crowd, but my uncle and aunt on my fathers side, my grandmother and my brother and his wife and two kids was there as well as my parents and my self. We ate dinner, and after there were some cakes, coffee and some talk.

Now it is well past my bedtime, so nighty night and GOD BLESS!

anne berit

torsdag, november 11, 2004

Just a little note....

Sitting here at my folks house, logged on the web for the first time in several days ;o) Have a good time here, it is good to be home and meet family. But sadly I got my self a cold so I'm all stuffed up and a little cranky... =>

Yesterday I spent some hour whit my grandma on my mothers side, she is 93 years old - going on 94 but are still a strong woman. I love here even though we not always see things the same way (in the heading is a link to another post about her, whit picture)

Today I was supposed to follow my mother to town, but the cold and the fact that I have to do something about the backdoor on my car before leaving west again made me stay at home. Soon I'm going for fixing my car (for the time being that is, must do more when I'm back home..), maybe I'll do some Christmas-shopping and then pay my brother and his family a visit. Tonight I hope to write some on my novel, I so can use some extra words right about now!!!

See you later!
Love and God Bless!
anne berit :o)

mandag, november 08, 2004

Quote of the week :o)

A nice quote for the week, something to be glad for:


(I don't know who wrote it, let me know if you know!)


In no more than an hour I'm driving, looking forward to see my family again (Mother, Father, Brother and his family) - it has been a while since last time!

anne berit  Posted by Hello

Should I cry, laugh or just be embarrassed?

Yesterday everything seemed so in order and OK, I should take the plan home to spear some long hours in the car. Well that's what I thought!

Late yesterday night, after my guest left and after some time spent out here.. I went to my office because I knew I had the receipt for my ticked there. (I travel without paperticket.. Use my creditcard)

Well, I had the receipt all right! But the plane had already left - on Saturday!!! I could not belief my eyes and checked it over and over, but it said the same. November 6th at 08:25. I did want to cry, but was to angry to do it.

So now I have to take the car after all. Did not plan it like that so I have to do some adjusting....

Don't laugh! It is not funny just yet! OK, laugh away I'll join you after a while. I'm still a little angry whit my self.

And I who planned to write my novel on the plane --> can't do that while driving the car! (but maybe I got a story for my novel?? Might just be....)

At least this day only can get better!

anne berit

søndag, november 07, 2004

The right side chaos

One of the first thing I shall do when my broadband is well installed, and I have some time to spare. It to "clean up" my right side. Right now it feels like it is in chaos. I like a lot of what I have placed there though - so everything shall survive just need some order I think!

Anyone whit good cleaning-tips??

I sort of envy those whit a right side AND A LEFT SIDE for all those little things that makes the blog feel homy... Anyone who knows if I can do that whit my blogger-template? (without ruining everything else...)Or maybe I can make more boxes so not everything is in one loooong box... I am not sure what to do - any suggestions or tips I will love to get, so please -> leave a comment... ;o)


Hurray! Broadband here I come ;o)

In two weeks time, I will have broadband-connection to the www.

I can hardly wait.

Now I'm blogging and surfing on a analog line, and I do get most of the things done - but the speed is not high (to say it mildly). I also have big problem whit downloading huge files. After two hour spend and almost done - something happens usually and I have to start the process all over again. It drives me cazy!!

A little earlyer today I tried to blog this same post, but the machine shut me down. Seems to be a driver who is wacco, but I don't know which one. It does it when I'm on net and when I run Word, so maybe it is there the problem lays?? I seriosly don't know - but it is a problem when writing long post, I just don't know if I ever get finished whit them...so maybe I have to publish this one before it is to late...

anne berit =>

Nightowl --> me??

I'll just have to admit it! I love staying up until late (or was it early..) and I hate staying up early in the morning. Not a good combination when there is work and much to do. But this is my weekend off, and as you can see I'm still up! (I'm not sure it is an good idea though, but it just happens..)

Tonight I went to a friend for pizza and talk. It was cozy and good to be out of the house. Tomorrow my friend, her husband and another couple will join me for dinner in early evening. I shall serve elk-roast, hope that it will taste good and a little wild. (The elk is from my parents, they live on a farm whit elk-hunt...)

I also have to write some new 2000 word on my novel - so right to bed whit me!!

Night! Night! God bless you all!

anne berit

lørdag, november 06, 2004

Maybe it was stupid?

But yesterday I signed up for the "national-novel-writing-month" contest. A little bit late I know, but it seemed like a fun challenge when I first got time to find out what it really was. I am of cause not sure if this is going to be something I will manage to finish. But sometimes it is fun to just try! And then it is fun to do it together whit so many else across the world.

So maybe there will be some fewer post from me these weeks. I have to write 2000 words each day to meet the requirement of a total 50000 words by last day of November.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'll keep you posted on my words, by today I have 4124 - and are right on schedule! ;o)

fredag, november 05, 2004

Post from my friends house

Sitting here whit access to the web for a little while. I'm visiting some of my best friends here in western part of Norway. Now the twins are put to bed for the night and I got some minutes to write some word....

Lately I have had some problems whit publishing my post. This morning I tried for around 15 minute but then I had to go at work. Hope it is something that will pass, I really don't like it when I'm not able to post my thoughts!!

Have to go!

Love from anne berit =>

torsdag, november 04, 2004

Thank you for comment on my post from yesterday (an some earlyer..) - couldn't log in to make a comment this morning, but I will do it later :o) Much love from me <3, God bless!! Posted by Hello

Good morning - or something like that ;o) Taking it slow today, should have been to my doctor for an attest for my adoptionpaper but she was shick - so instead I'm on my way to the office. Todays aim is to go through some paperwork, they are just piling up on me!!  Posted by Hello

onsdag, november 03, 2004

The world is in Gods hands!

The world is in Gods hands! This is what i tought when I come upon a beautiful picture in the blog Allthings2all, I've put an link in the heading so you can go look for your self.

The world is in Gods hands. I truly believe it, even though there sometimes is hard to understand why God doesn't intervene and make changes to our bad choices. Sometimes I whish for God to remove all evilness from the world, but what then will happend to us? We are as much responcible for other peoples hard life and turmoil as God!

Once I read a quote from an Ethioptian Christian which said something like this:

"You in the west don't belive in a good god because of all the pain in the world, but we can not live whit the difficulty whitout beliving in a caring God who are whit us in our pain" It is all about perspective.

(This post have been edited on saturday 7th, after reciving a post from the owner of the picture not liking it on my blog. I am truly sorry for assuming you didn't mind so now I have deleted it from my post, and making the link go to that one post of yours.)

Hurray for nice people ;o)

This morning I got out of bed too late and I barely manage to do - and remember - all things I should before it was time to jump on the ferry. The most of this day I spent on the southside.

When I got on the ferry I discovered to my horror that my paycard was missing. To pay full price for the trip is big money, whit my card I get about 40% off(!) Thanks to the nice people on the ferry, I was alowed to pay dobble next time. Sometimes it is a good thing to be a regular "guest" :o) But I was not shore if this would be the case on my way home again. Luckely for me, they trusted me again.

So now all I have to remember is to acctually pay dobbel the next time!! You folk's help me remember??? Please :o) My brain is sometimes like a teflon-pan, nothing sticks!!

Have a good one! And do something nice for someone.... it will make their day!

tirsdag, november 02, 2004

Children are Gods color :o)

"Each and every child is a color whit whom God paints"

- my translating of Bo Setterlind's swedish quote.

Think about it for a while - it is beautiful don't you think???
Lets make room for all different colors in our life and world!

anne berit  Posted by Hello

mandag, november 01, 2004

I've been home...

There was no trip, I just walked home and knew that there would be no trip. I was tired, and the weather was cold - and I have no winter tires on. So I didn't go. Felt bad about not meeting my good friend B though!!! But we'll meet on friday I hope.

B sending you a great, big hug through the www! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Hope that it wasn't too boring :o)

Tonight I've washed clothes, seen a little bit of television and been out here(!) Now I shall get my new-washed clothes and hang them up to dry. I also have used my fireplace for the first time in two years - it was nice and warm, but I still do want some doors which I can close whenever I want.... (and also not so much smoke in my livingroom - not that it was visual, but I could smell it...) Well, no more wood left tonight, it burned out at while ago!

And then I shall read a new chapter in my book about Scarpetta and her new adventures :o) (See earlyer post, follow link in heading.)

Good night from me!
anne berit

One day at the office..

Today I've been stuck at the office. Done some things I should have done for a long time ago, and that feels good. But still there is things to work whit (there always is..)

Tonight I'm going on a inspirational gathering in the Norwegian See mans church, local region. I'm sitting on the board in this region where I live. It is nice to meet, but I don't really want to drive over 140 kilometers to get there - and home again. But, well, that is what I'm going to do in just a few hours.

All this means that I will not be spending much time out here today, so this might be the only post of mine before midnight. So, have a great day, and drive safely :o)

anne berit

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