mandag, november 29, 2004

Blinky blinky little star..

Got my self some blinking stars in the heading. I like them (in the heading of this post is a link to cutecolors who made them) I love stars, and keep adding new stars to my collection of advent stars for my windows. This year I'm a little late, but by tonight my windows (not all but quite a few) will have stars in them.

It is one of the advent symbols (the other are the adventwreath, as you may have guessed) that are important to me. It tells the story of the wise men looking at the star and following it to the stable where Christ was born. I love the story and their search for the newborn king. That's why my advent is filled whit stars - I follow it as well and every year it leads me right back to the stable and my King: Jesus :o)

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