onsdag, november 24, 2004

Driving in melting snow...

...is a sure way to get tired!

I have a heavy car whit kind of big tires. The tires follow any lines (tracks) they can find so I can't use any speed when the weather is like this, so to drive 40 kilometers takes forever, it seems...

Tonight I am tired, not only because of driving though. I have a bad habit of not going to bed before it is too late and after 12. So when my alarm goes of at 6 or 7 in the morning I usually haven gotten more than 6 hour sleep. That is at least one hour too short. I am a night person and enjoy the hours from 10 PM and beyond.

I know that things must change, and I think that I just will be so tired that a change comes along easily when there will be a child in the house. But it is no easy job to change that habit when there is room for sleeping in, at least, some mornings during the week....

So you probably will meet me here again some other night as well :o)

But now I'll go in a few minutes. Tomorrow is a new workday, I'm going to a town near by having a funeral, and I shall visit a nursinghome in the same area in the afternoon. In between I get dinner at my friends house. That will be good! :o)

A good thing is that I don't have to be at work before nine tomorrow, so I will enjoy an hour extra in bed!!!

A good night too you all, and good morning to some =>

anne berit

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