fredag, november 26, 2004


I hope that your celebration was a good one! I'm sorry to not have posted this yesterday. But I could not connect to internet due to unknown reason yesterday evening - and this morning when I tried to publish my post Blogger wouldn't let me (that drives me crazy by the way --> you Blogger people: do something!!)

So then I whish you HAPPY THANKSGIVING one day late!

We don't have this celebration in Norway and we don't share the story behind the celebration. But I wished that we had such a day! We've already adopted Halloween, now I just wait for us to adopt Thanksgiving as well - for we here in my country has things that we are grateful for as well :o)

It is so easy to forget to give thanks for everything we've gotten - I guess it is easier if there is a day for it each year....

My thanks this year is for my family and friends who means the world to me. And for being approved as an adoptive mother (that is huge thanks, by the way!)

Hope I will be able to post this...
anne berit =>


At 12:29 a.m., Anonymous Anonym said...

Congratulations on being approved as an adoptive mom! I'm just thinking about starting the process and feel totally intimidated about it. How do people judge if you are going to be a good parent if you've never done it before? So, congratulations again!


At 3:26 p.m., Blogger anne berit said...

Thank you Heather!

So fun to meet another which thinks adoption! In a minute I will make you a visit at your site ;)

Nobody can know exactly what kind of parent we would be, but I was asked a lot about my own childhood, my thoughts and oppinions about children and about raising them, my values and what I think is important to "bring on". And so on... In the end it gave a picture of who I am and what I think will happen when I bring home my child - it also gave me insight in what my weak sides are (that I will work whit)

Love and best whishes in deciding!
anne berit


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