s√łndag, november 07, 2004

Hurray! Broadband here I come ;o)

In two weeks time, I will have broadband-connection to the www.

I can hardly wait.

Now I'm blogging and surfing on a analog line, and I do get most of the things done - but the speed is not high (to say it mildly). I also have big problem whit downloading huge files. After two hour spend and almost done - something happens usually and I have to start the process all over again. It drives me cazy!!

A little earlyer today I tried to blog this same post, but the machine shut me down. Seems to be a driver who is wacco, but I don't know which one. It does it when I'm on net and when I run Word, so maybe it is there the problem lays?? I seriosly don't know - but it is a problem when writing long post, I just don't know if I ever get finished whit them...so maybe I have to publish this one before it is to late...

anne berit =>

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