onsdag, november 03, 2004

Hurray for nice people ;o)

This morning I got out of bed too late and I barely manage to do - and remember - all things I should before it was time to jump on the ferry. The most of this day I spent on the southside.

When I got on the ferry I discovered to my horror that my paycard was missing. To pay full price for the trip is big money, whit my card I get about 40% off(!) Thanks to the nice people on the ferry, I was alowed to pay dobble next time. Sometimes it is a good thing to be a regular "guest" :o) But I was not shore if this would be the case on my way home again. Luckely for me, they trusted me again.

So now all I have to remember is to acctually pay dobbel the next time!! You folk's help me remember??? Please :o) My brain is sometimes like a teflon-pan, nothing sticks!!

Have a good one! And do something nice for someone.... it will make their day!


At 2:48 p.m., Blogger maria said...


Always make sure you have your paycard
before leaving home.


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