torsdag, november 11, 2004

Just a little note....

Sitting here at my folks house, logged on the web for the first time in several days ;o) Have a good time here, it is good to be home and meet family. But sadly I got my self a cold so I'm all stuffed up and a little cranky... =>

Yesterday I spent some hour whit my grandma on my mothers side, she is 93 years old - going on 94 but are still a strong woman. I love here even though we not always see things the same way (in the heading is a link to another post about her, whit picture)

Today I was supposed to follow my mother to town, but the cold and the fact that I have to do something about the backdoor on my car before leaving west again made me stay at home. Soon I'm going for fixing my car (for the time being that is, must do more when I'm back home..), maybe I'll do some Christmas-shopping and then pay my brother and his family a visit. Tonight I hope to write some on my novel, I so can use some extra words right about now!!!

See you later!
Love and God Bless!
anne berit :o)

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