s√łndag, november 07, 2004

Nightowl --> me??

I'll just have to admit it! I love staying up until late (or was it early..) and I hate staying up early in the morning. Not a good combination when there is work and much to do. But this is my weekend off, and as you can see I'm still up! (I'm not sure it is an good idea though, but it just happens..)

Tonight I went to a friend for pizza and talk. It was cozy and good to be out of the house. Tomorrow my friend, her husband and another couple will join me for dinner in early evening. I shall serve elk-roast, hope that it will taste good and a little wild. (The elk is from my parents, they live on a farm whit elk-hunt...)

I also have to write some new 2000 word on my novel - so right to bed whit me!!

Night! Night! God bless you all!

anne berit

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