fredag, desember 31, 2004

Back home

Came home this morning, after spending two nights at my friend K's house. I had a good time, nice to have time for talking until early morning :o)

My computer had enough of me and decided to shut down several times so I gave up making a post this morning. Now I'm sitting at my office trying to prepare the services this weekend, one tonight at 11 pm, one tomorrow at 4 pm and one on Sunday at 11 am. In different ways they all shall touch the tragedy in South East Asia, mostly the one tonight, but also the others. The Norwegian government has decided that tomorrow, 1 th of January, shall be our national day for grief for the many who died and are missing. (Probably are there several hundred Norwegian killed, and it is the largest number in several decades for our country.) I read one place that also Sweden will have a day of grief tomorrow, there may be as many as thousand people killed from Sweden.
One good thing in my life today: I manage to post nearly all my document concerning my adoption. It means they probably will reach Ethiopia in the middle or late January. The only thing left are a recommendation from my friend B, but that I guess will be sent after shortly.

onsdag, desember 29, 2004

My day - and some more on tsunami..

Tonight I'm going to visit some friends I haven't seen in quite a while - that shall be nice. I really look forward to it!!

This has been a busy Christmas, so a day off tomorrow is much cherished. All the more fun is to spend it with friends :o)

Today I have had a funeral in the church closest to where I live, I also has spent some hours at my office. Trying to prepare the year to come, and reading up on the tsunami disaster (see more below!)

One really good news is that the church finally has got it's own room for work related to children, youth and teenagers. It is not always the church is the best place to meet and usually the office is too small. Now it seem like a dream came through: WE HAVE A PLACE TO STAY!! I'm so glad and hope that everything works out in the end (finances....) When January comes we'll start decorating and making the room functional and beautiful => Hope many will join in the process!

This afternoon I finally got an email from our church council with prayers and other stuff to use in the services this weekend. I'm going three places (one each day) - and we will at least pray and pay for and to those affected in southeast Asia and for Norwegian who lost loved one.

Found a link to
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami here is a lot to read about the disaster. Go visit! The link I found at In a minute ago - the blog. Go visit her as well!

Then I leave with a silent prayer for all affected by the tsunami on Christmas day.

God bless!
anne berit

tirsdag, desember 28, 2004

Candles lighted over the world!

Join me and light your candle for those who have been hurt or have lost loved one in the South-East Asia tsunami on Christmas day. The deaths are rising. By tonight it is nearly 60000, and the number is still rising. Probably will also a lot of people die because of health issues because of the disaster. I light my lights and say a prayer! My only remaining hope and comfort is that God is there in the midst of all the chaos and suffer. That do matter! Even though the grief is impossible to imagine for me sitting here safe in Norway.  Posted by Hello

A terrible terrible accident

On Christmas day a tsunami came over the beaches in South East Asia because of a earthquake. This morning the news reported that maybe as many as 70000 people died. I've been trying to grasp the number, but have come short. It's so many, and each death has a family in grief behind. Many of the deaths are tourist on vacation in this beautiful place on earth. But most of them are inhabitants of the area. By now 28000 deaths are reported. Even in Somalia, far away from the earthquake there are deaths because of it.

The only thing I can do is pray!

lørdag, desember 25, 2004

What Christmas carol are you?


Hope that you got a gift which warmed your heart - I know I did (many). Here in Norway the opening of gifts are on Christmas eve, we just can't wait.... :o) I spent the evening alone and got plenty of time to enjoy each gift and did send warm thoughts to everyone who had given me gift this year - I feel so rich with family and friends who care!!

Soon I'm off to dinner with my neighbour, I look forward to it :o)
But first I will spend just some more minute here.
At Leslie's place: Crayons, Playdoh & Wax I found this:

You Are "Silent Night"

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace

You never forget that Christmas is about the birth of Christ.
Santa and eggnog are just gravy

What Christmas Carol Are You?

fredag, desember 24, 2004

The birth of Jesus


Luke 2:1-14

In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) And everyone went to his own town to register.

So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.
The Shepherds and the Angels
And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

Home for Christmas....

Finally I got home. The snow has been and is coming down big time, sometimes it has been difficult to drive; it is so good to be home! Soon I'm going to make dinner as we usually had in my childhood. Rib from pork, brown sauce and sourcrout. I love it. At last for this one time a year. Tradition is a good thing I think, usually. So after the dinner there will be time for opening gifts and just enjoy myself and my Christmas-house ;o) There will probably also be some phone calls to my family in the eastern part of Norway - and maybe a little run her on the www.

This post is mostly to whish you all a:

Merry Christmas!!

It's here!

Finally the 24 th door can be opened!
I am up and are soon going out of my home not to return for many hours. At 12 am I take the ferry over to the other side and then there is a drive for an hour to get to the church where the first service are held. Then I'm driving back again, stopping on my way home for a service in the other church I'm pastor for on the south side.

It usually are a lot of people in church, it is a good day and the singing reach heights like no time else in the year. This year I'll be accompanied with some youths; some shall sing, some shall light candles during prayer. I'm looking forward to it and are a little stressed - are the sermon ready, do I have the plan for the service secured, what about the snow - can we drive as fast as we should do??

Yea! It's snow here, come last night. It's beautiful. But I don't want to drive on these roads with the "I-must-drive-fast-enough-so-I-reach-the-ferry-back-home" hanging over my shoulder. (It is not the very last trip, but there are an hour to wait!)

Well, in some way or another it will turn out just fine - I know that! But still....

Have a wonderful day! Merry Christmas and God's peace to mankind!

anne berit =>

torsdag, desember 23, 2004

The Christmastree has landed!

And are now proudly standing in my living room.
For a moment yesterday i thought this would be another year without a tree, but then my friend B and her husband helped me out - THANKS YOU GUY'S!!

Now I have placed the lights and are soon going to hang up the rest of the stuff. Then I will decorate the rest of the house. I am not sure if I will get finished tonight - but are going to try. This morning I slept way to long, and would not have woken in time for my meeting, if it was not for B's call :o) - I still fell that I'm not quite awake, and are heading for bed early. Or else the day tomorrow will get as bad start as this one did!

Then it is back to the light (and tomorrows dinner which I prepare tonight, and just heat up tomorrow...) and the Christmas decorating! Hope you have a good time!

Love =>
anne berit

Alternative Christmas card ;)

Bunny Burrow showed me the way to this one:

Get Your Own Christmas BlogCard Here!

I have no word! =>

onsdag, desember 22, 2004

My mom has her birthday today!

Today my mom is celebrating her 59th birthday (rather she did it on Saturday with my family). Last year I flew home to celebrate with the rest of the crowd, but this year I'll have to wait until I can take a trip home in February or something.

Next year we'll have a real party - hopefully then I will be home celebrating Christmas with my family for the first time in five year, with my little daughter or son (- I love the very thought of that!) For those who don't know - next year I'll adopt a child from Ethiopia =>

Back to mom:

I love you! :o)

Now I'm ready for some decoration :o)

At last my house is starting to feel clean. It is a good feeling!!! Tonight I've washed all the floors in all rooms and the bathrooms - now there only are a little left in the kitchen before I can say I'm finished :o) I hate (well: almost!) cleaning house - so guess how relieved I am now!

Tomorrow I will start decoration like I traditionally do, I like to wait until the last day before Christmas eve. Until then there are the color of Advent in my house; but come tomorrow I will put up a hole lot of Christmas thingy. I love decorating the house - and even though it is just me here most of the time it gives me a good feeling, and when see it I know that these days are different and holiday (no matter how much I work..)!!!

But first I shall met a family who just lost a loved one and prepare a funeral. Then I'm leaving for town for the last shopping and a short visit to my friend B and her family -> and to get my Christmas tree (the one they had here was too expensive!!)


Yesterday was a day with a lot of different things to do, from early morning to late night.

First we had a staff meeting at the office. A kind of getting together and see if we have everything under control and whishing everyone a Merry Christmas (well, most of us are going to work the entire holyday, but anyway it was a nice meeting! The meeting was scheduled at 9 am, but was put of to 10 am because of an organist who needed a little bit more sleep – and I didn’t mind! J The extra hour I used to send (almost) every Christmas card and gifts in the mail. (A huge weight of my shoulder….!)

Then there was some time for doing some office work, and making sure everything would run smoothly….. At 2 pm I went home, and got the last gift in the mail. Then I got home and tried to prepare my self for the interview. Once again I had said yes, and once again I had regrets. But I had my self to thank – so I put on a smile and greeted the man from the radio and showed him in to my living room. To be honest it was a nice chat, and when he left I wasn’t too scared. But still; a little uneasy with telling everyone. (I told someone though!)

Then I left for a friend. She had invited me along with some other friends for a making-Christmas-candy-evening. And believe you me we were sweet when returned home! A really nice evening it was. I loved it and hope we can make it a tradition! Thanks Bea for opening your home for us crazy women!

The drive home was a scary one. All the snow was melting and rain was pouring down on us making the roads almost impossible to manoeuvre in. But at last I got home in one pice ;)

Then my bed was calling, way tired to write any on my blog I’m sorry to say!
But now I’ve done it

God bless you all!

anne berit

mandag, desember 20, 2004

Still working on my card and presents (which I'm already late with!) So this is just a little post.... A while ago I lost my self in this "game" at I think this one looks nice, maybe I'll turn it in to a banner?? Time will show - but now: back to the cards for me :o) Posted by Hello

Home making Christmas happening....

This is my "getting everything finished and sent away with the postman day"!! A lot of writing is due to get finished in time, I still have many card to write and then there is the calendars for those two whom I am aunt to. I am making a calendar with evening prayers on, a new one for each month followed with pictures taken over the last two years. I hope that they will like it :o)

Have a nice day!

søndag, desember 19, 2004

Even more snow :o)!

 Posted by Hello

The picture is not from this year, I don't have a digital camera you see!! But it gives you an idea. But please add snowflakes!!! I so happy for all the snow we've gotten in the last 24 hours. I love snow, even though it is more difficult to drive and it takes longer; I don't mind.

Today me and my organist had service at a retirement-home (or what to call it??) Usually we are there every 3rd week, and have a small devotion together. But every now and then we have a service and, like today, we also have communion. It is a nice way for those who can't go to church anymore to partisipate in the selebration of Christmas. In a little hour we are going to have one more service in another village.

See you later!

P.S: my 4th light are lit, soon there will be Christmas =>

lørdag, desember 18, 2004

Snow! :o)

Today I woke up to snow! How I've missed that beautiful, cold, white stuff! Lately all that's come down on us have been rain (and much of it!) The days have been gray and dark, I whish for sunshine but snow is so much better than rain! The snow makes the gray day lighter as well.

Ok! Ok! It's not that much snow, just a tiny, tiny layer - but it makes my day brighter non the less!

Love and Gods blessing!
anneberit =>

P.S: Follow the link in heading and make yourself some snowflake!! :o)

Food and talk

This has truly been a day with young people. Starting this morning with holiday service for one of the schools and then an other service in an other church for an other school. I am so impressed of the children's singing, they really make an effort when they knew the words. (Even some of the oldest pupils sings with great joy!!)

Then I got home around three o clock, had an hour of 7 th Heaven, then cleaned up a little bit. Tonight I've had visit of 11 teenagers who earlier attended confirmation class. This is something I do every now and again, and have for the last 1,5 year. It is a great way to stay in touch with the young people. It is also a social event with lot of laughter. We make dinner together and eat sitting around my big table (sometimes there are not room for everybody!) It is so nice, usually most of them leave around midnight but sometimes, like today, those who live closest by stay a little longer. I am so glad and thankful for spending time with these young people, learning about their life and seeing them grow.

They left 30 minutes ago, a tired but happy greeting from me :o)

torsdag, desember 16, 2004

This years Christmas card

I just wanted to show you this years Christmas card. I'm not quite finished, but am getting there. :o) (20 out of 45..... - and then there are some text for the inside...)The picture in the post below shows the cards front and back (a little angel cut-out.) The black thing is a camel whit one of the wise on board.... The white text is a Norwegian Christmas song, a little over ten years old - so it's still new! In reed it is written: Merry Christmas!

 Posted by Hello

Here is my try on a translation for the song(forgive me if the grammar are wrong!):

One newborn love are sleeping.
Now Gods heaven is close.
Our long journey is over,
the star have stopped here.

Gods blessing to everyone!

I can't seem to go to bed before midnight!

Today I was sure I could do it, I was so tired and needed a good night sleep!

But I'm still here, surfing around finding blogs I like, and loosing track of time again! I have spent most of my afternoon and night making christmascard and talking whit friends on phone. It has been a relaxing evening just what I needed. So now my shoulders are nearly down where they should be again :o)

Tomorrow I only (!) have one service, it's with school children from my neighboring pastors area - I'm helping her out a bit this Christmas; she's waiting twins in the spring and doesn't move as quickly and easy as she used to.

Much love from me, soon soaked wet by rain, it doesn't seem to stop. I want sunshine - NOW! If you please.....

God bless all!

onsdag, desember 15, 2004

Christmas cards

I am early home from work today! So today I shall try to get my Christmas card in motion ;o) have to get them in the post by tomorrow or Friday and now I got a plan for them I think.

Last week I bought a beautiful blue carton, I'm going to fold it in about A5-size, make cutout of a wise man on a camel and the Bethlehem star on the frontpage and glue a page written on the computer for everybody about my year and so on. And then there is even room for writing something special for each person(s) getting the card from me as well. Think there is nice to at least write my name to make it a little bit personal.

But first: rerun of 7th Heaven :o)

God bless you!

anne berit

tirsdag, desember 14, 2004

PUH! It's been a busy day!

I'm feeling quite tired right now, and have decided to do nothing else tonight less than blogging/surfing and cach up on "7th Heaven" and "Judging Amy". Need a night to chill out :o) and recharge my battery. It is a busy time for pastors here in Norway and probably a lot of other places. This week I have no less than 8 services of different kind and then there is other things to take care off as well.

I have planned the Christmascards, usually I make them my self - but I am not sure if I'll manage to send them before it is to late this year! Hope I do though, it is not the same thing with Christmascard in January. Tomorrow I'll be busy writing =>

Have to send some Christmas gift as well, and make some photo calendars to my nephew, niece and mother. No wonder it is little sleep in December!!

Have a nice and busy decemberday/evening!
anne berit :o)

No Christmas without! :o)

For some reason I'm not able to sleep, instead of twisting and turning in bed I will now give you the very best of receipt for gingerbread cookies there is. Tonight I had some friend over for baking gingerbread cookies together and they agreed that my receipt was good - so here it goes (I shall try to translate into English as best I can...):

dl = decilitre gr = kilogram ts = teaspoon

1,5 dl light syrup
80 gr magarine
75 gr caster sugar
1 dl VIKING milk (condensed milk, in Norway prodused by Nestle)

This you have in a pan and bring it up to a boil. Take it off the plate and let it cool down for a while.

375 gr wheat flour
2 ts ginger powder
1/4 ts black pepper powder
2 ts Natron (some speciale kind of baking powder for dough whit syrup)

Mix it all together and styr in the liquid made before.
Let the dough cool off in the fridge for at least one night.

When baked out use some wheat flour to make it less sticky, bake in owen at 180 C for about 8 minutes. Cool down; later you can decorate with icingsugar. Enjoy!

mandag, desember 13, 2004

The legend of Santa Lucia

Image Hosted by

Lucia was a beautiful virgin from Syracuse, a town on the Italian island of Sicily. Her parents were very wealthy so when she was old enough, she had a lot of young men wanting to marry her. One of them was so breath taken by her beautiful eyes that she ripped them out and sent them to him so she shouldn’t be vain. When the young man saw her faith, he became baptised. And the Lord gave Lucia a new pair of eyes, even more beautiful and glorious than the pair before.

In the days of early of Christian persecution Lucia carried food to Christian hiding in the dark underground tunnels. To light her way she wore a wreath of candles on her way.

Lucia became engaged to a pagan young man; he only accepted her faith in Christ because she was very rich. Then it happened that Lucia’s mother, Euthicia, got a sickness they could not heal. Lucia decided to make a pilgrimage to the tomb of Santa Agatha; to pray for a miracle for her mother. She made a promise toward God: if he did cure her mother, Lucia would give all of her money to them who needed it.

Her prayer came true; soon Lucia’s mother became miraculous cured. And Lucia did as promised, gave everything she owned to the poor.

But when her pagan fiancé discovered this, he was furious. He denounced her as a Christian to the local Roman authorities; the roman judge Paschasius. The judge ruled that Lucia had to worship the roman gods, and when she denied, he sentenced her to a brothel and prostitution. But when they should move her, she became immovable. Paschasius then put a rope over her arms and feet and called for a thousand men to drag her to the brothel. But they could not move her because Gods spirit kept her in place. The judge then commanded that they should build a fire around her to burn her alive. He let his people pour boiling oil over her. But nothing did harm her.

Then Lucia started to worship the Lord, her song was so beautiful that everyone had to listen. When the judge heard about it, he got so furious that he ordered them to put a sword right through her throat. But she didn’t loose her voice at once, and shouted that she would be a well doer for the town of Syracuse. When she’s said that, the priest went to her with the bread of the Lord. And she didn’t die before she had gotten that.

She got buried on the very spot she died as a martyr, and a church was build over her grave. She became the patron saint of the city of Syracuse and many where those who found faith in the story about her.

(source: website in heading and a Norwegian book by Kristin Solli Schøien “En kurv til min datter” – my translation and editing)

HAPPY SANTA LUCIA DAY!! On this day school and kindergarten in Norway are going with lights and singing the song to Santa Lucia. Before the weekend they baked buns called Lussekatter and in the morning they give it to those they sing for and eat themselves as well. It is a day for light - about light being stronger than darkness. In early time one thought this was the darkest day there was, they was a week early but still it is good to light our candles and sing the darkness away. The girl who gave the day it's name was a Italian christian who put her own life in danger to help others. She carried food to those who had to flee from persecution and since she had no room for light in her hands she made a wreath and placed her lights in her hair. Happy Lucia-day! Posted by Hello

Think I'll sleep a little bit more!

Had to get up to send an email, because my connection was down last night, but I'm so tired. So I think I'll just go and sleep some more!

I'm so glad it's Monday - it's my day off and means that I just can go to bed again :o) I have some thing on the program here at home, but I can wait some hours before starting. Tonight I'll invited two women (whit kids) for baking gingerbreadmen, that I look forward to! The dough are already in the refrigerator! Later I'll post the receipt. For me there can be no Christmas without gingerbreadmen, or pepperkaker (Norwegian) as we call it. I'll done it since I was a little girl and still do bake each year, normally they are the only cookies I make ;o)

Have a good day!

anne berit =>

søndag, desember 12, 2004

No more split ends ;o)

Yesterday I cut my hair!

Not by my self off cause, I got a friend to do it - and then I got pizza and great chat as well! And I'm pretty happy whit how it turned out. Glad to get rid of all my split ends; but still it is a little funny, she took about 10 centimeters off(!) If you ever have had long hair you'll know: it seems like there's something missing. => It is a funny feeling, but I doesn't mind; I love my new hairdo!

Now all I need is some color and then I'm ready for Christmas :o)

Have a lovely Sunday you all!

I'm finished whit one service, soon I'm off to a new one on the other side of the fjord. We're going to have something we call "light-service" Celebrating that light is stronger than darkness and that Jesus is our light in the world.

lørdag, desember 11, 2004

I'm a Plain Ole Cup of Joe!

You Are a Plain Ole Cup of Joe

But don't think plain - instead think, uncomplicated
You're a low maintenance kind of girl... who can hang with the guys
Down to earth, easy going, and fun! Yup, that's you: the friend everyone invites.
And your dependable too. Both for a laugh and a sympathetic ear.

What Kind Of Coffee Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

I found this quiz this "morning", but the browser shutt down on me and I had to go :o) Now I will try to post it again. If you see this it is a sucsess!!

Found it at Just Sue's place, and we are both "Plain Ole Cups of Joe".
Not that I will complain - I love it black whit real coffee-taste!

More about sleep

Found this on my way through BE, certainly makes me think!!

A late morning

Once someone told me that it was healthier to get out of bed at the same time each day, than to use weekends to sleep in. But how does one do it? When a day comes that I know I don't have to get out of bed early - I just stay in bed! I have no idea how to get myself out!

Once I tried to start my morning at the same hour each day (it didn't last long though) - I decided that 8:00 was a good time for a B-person like my self to start my day; not to early - not to late. But then I got problems because some days I had to stay up as early as 6:00, sometimes 7:00, for me to do my job. And to be honest I didn't want to get out of bed that early each day! So the project got problems..... And got stopped.

Why writing this? Have a look at the hour of this post. I have been up for a while, but not that long!!!! Well, I imagining thing will be different whit children around so maybe then I will get some schedule on my sleeping??

Whish you a beautiful day!
anne berit ;o)

(In the heading are some tips.)

fredag, desember 10, 2004

Angels are good Christmas gift :)

Today I went Christmas shopping. It was a lot of folk in town, and boy am I glad I found some good ideas after short time. I love wander around in book stores but not any other store (Ok! I'll admit gift shops whit a lot of stuff are cool too!)

I found some really beautiful angels. So many of my friends (not all though!) are getting those for Christmas!!! I'll love to put a link to the page showing them off but have to wait until after Christmas eve - some thing should remain a secret ;o) If you do want to know: leave your email and a comment then I'll email you the link - I really loved them!!

I got home around 16:30 - and have just relaxed after a busy week. Love to have such slow evenings! And need it if I'm going to keep my self sane! Christmas is a busy time for anyone, but for a pastor it is one of the busiest time there is all year whit a lot of services and things to prepare and more :o) I do love this time though!

God bless you!

torsdag, desember 09, 2004

A Christmas play

Today I sang in the angel choir. And had the part of Gabriel :o)

For the second year we've met at one of my churches for a Christmas play where we take a walk through the Christmas story inside our church. The pilgrimage starts in the local school and all the pupils there are involved in the program, we've been together once before and rehearsed. (In our country there are normally services for school before Christmas as a tradition).

At the school the tree wise men are elected and clothed and Augustus, who lead the tour present himself. All of the people attending get to sign in their name. Then they all are headed up toward the church singing as they go along (it is not far).

Inside I and two other girls are waiting. Gabriel answers the door whit a: "Do not be afraid" and lead the way up on the gallery. There we present the angels and say a little about what our part in the Christmas story are. Then we select some more angels and we all rehearse saying: "Do not be afraid" and then we practices singing "Glory to the Lord..." like the angels song in Bethlehem for the shepherd's.

Augustus lead the others down and into the church. In the middle there is a small wood fire and the shepherds are elected and clothed. Soon they are set down by the fire --> and then we have to sing our angel song. It is all nice and touching but simple even for the small children.

Then we all head for the Adventwreath and lit the candles while singing.
Soon there is the time for Josef and Maria to get clothed and for the guest house owner to find his house. And also this time there is room for the family in the stable and we here the story once more about the little child being born.

At the end the tree wise men get to present their gift to the child, and they all kneel down. There also are some Christmas carols which we sing. A good play it is and in the end we are all glad and joyous over the Christmas story, as we gather for some cake and coffee or lemonade.

What I remember the most?
The sparkling in the eye of a little angel standing there whit her candle - making the world lighter as she sings: "- on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests"

onsdag, desember 08, 2004

Pre-tasting Christmas dinner!

Today we've had our monthly meeting of the pastors (and more!) in our area. It is nice to be together one hole day and talk and plan. Today our topic was ideas for sermon this Christmas time. We had one speaker invited and then we shared some ideas we our selves used in earlier year. I got some good ideas for some of the services. So together whit what I prepared whit my friend B last week I now soon have ideas for all my sermons. Now there is just a little work left -> writing it down!! (not a little job I'll tell you that much..)

I always get tired after this meetings but today I think what really got to me was a big plate whit Christmas dinner (It was so good!) Here in Norway we have tradition of special food for Christmas eve, and it is not the same all over our country. So I have a different food tradition than those living here. And this Christmas I'm going to eat what my mom always made, - so today I ate what something other than that! A good arrangement for that way I got to eat both of my favorites! (Later I will tell you a little more about Norwegian tradition around Christmas time!)

A friend of mine stayed whit me after the meeting, she's now off talking whit someone else but in a few minutes I'll drive her to the express boat so she'll get back home. It's been a good day - I'm still tired though!

anne berit c",)

tirsdag, desember 07, 2004

After the interview about adoption

I have to say that I've met some nice and warm comments today on my interview aired in both local radio and television last night.

Good to see and feel that there is quite a few that are happy for me and understands how important this is to me. Also good to know this in the future; because this is the neighborhood I'll bring my child into, and I hope they will meet he or she in the same way they've met me today!

Thankful and happy!
anne berit =>

Thunder in the morning ->Tupperware in the evening...

Woke up early today to a bang of thunder. It was still dark outside, so the lightning made my bedroom bright as day. I'm thankfully not afraid of thunder - and it wasn't that close by either. But I always worry about the electrical stuff. My computer and TV and such things. I don't have the money to by new things. So when the thunder stopped quite soon I was relieved.

But later after some hours spend at my office a loud bang hit again. I was afraid what might have happened at home - but there was nothing to worry about I found some minutes later. (Not that there were any help in me rushing home if there had been some damage though!) This weather we've had today whit heavy rain and thunder no and again - is for me typical of summer not winter. But out here west it is normal also whit thunder in winter I've learned - and experienced.

This day has been a busy one at work, first whit staff meeting then a meeting to plan an event in January. After school one of my friends children stayed whit me for dinner before we both headed for Baluba (our Sunday school on a Tuesday...)

I was sure that I would have time for clearing out my study and writing some paper tonight but I couldn't resist attending a meeting whit, what shall I call them in English... women of the farmland? rural areas woman? I'm not sure, but hope you got an idea. Anyway they was planning a tupperware demonstration on that meeting - and since it has been a while since last time - I couldn't just go home before the demonstration could I?? :o)

anne berit

mandag, desember 06, 2004

Under the balloons!

Think about it: sailing in the sky under a cluster of balloons!! Seems peacefull and nice - but I don't know if I'd dare! Look up this site and see if it is something for you... And just fly away...!!??? Love from anne berit ;o) Posted by Hello

Please follow the link in the heading and visit the site!!

Something to think about...

Out surfing sites I found this super quote for the Christmas time at Nadine's place. Please go visit her!

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree!
Roy L. Smith

It gave me something to think about.
anne berit

I'm from the MOON - this quiz says so!

You Are From the Moon

You can vibe with the steady rhythms of the Moon.
You're in touch with your emotions and intuition.
You possess a great, unmatched imagination - and an infinite memory.
Ultra-sensitive, you feel at home anywhere (or with anyone).
A total healer, you light the way in the dark for many.

What Planet Are You From?


I've been so restless, tens and nervous this afternoon. I'm not used to being interviewed, not for television anyway. I was so worried for something being twisted the wrong way or me just looking ugly - but it turned out ok! And they were so nice whit me.

Now I've also gotten phones, SMS and e-mail from people hearing or seeing the interview. Both from friends and from unknown people. I was seriously wondering earlier if it was the right decision to be interviewed, but now I'm glad it turned out this way. Maybe there will be other, single or married, who think that adoption might be the right thing to do for them as well!?!

A big PUH!!
from me ;o)

I'm scared of media...

Today I have had two visits from the media. One radio and one television. I don't like it, but felt it was right of me to do. It was about the adoption and me becoming a single mother (if everything goes as planned).

I am so afraid of saying the wrong thing - would rather have a newspaper where I could read the interview before it got printed. But, hey - they were nice :) So now I'm sitting here all nervous and waiting for it to air, hoping that people around me think this is as good news as I do!!

One thing am I sure of: to adopt is the right thing for me to do! Of course I want my child to have both mom and dad, but right no there is no dad in this house and I don't know if there ever will be. (even though I do have hopes) And that is the case for so many children who live happy life after all. So is it then my responsibility to let my child know other adults of both gender. Give her or him someone to look up to and to trust. And then I have to be here, this is my life from now on - this is what I make my priority. To be a mother.

søndag, desember 05, 2004


This Sunday our text for the sermon was collected from the Revelation 1:4-8.

The first Sunday of Advent are concerned whit Jesus coming to us historically for 2000 years ago - riding on a dunky into the city of Jerusalem.

The second Sunday of Advent we go into the future and focus on Christ's return in glory. I've picked to quotes from the text, both speaks about what Advent really is: To wait for he who comes to us, and he comes in different ways. He came once as a child, he comes to everyone who seeks him right now in our time and one day he'll return to our world to heal and give new life.

Grace and peace to you from him who is,
and who was, and who is to come.
Grace to us that is: grace is a gift and is free of charges!

"I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty."

May God bless you kindly and keep you!
anne berit

A quiz after my liking ;o)

Your Power Color Is Blue

Relationships and feelngs are the most important things to you.
You are empathetic and accepting - and good at avoiding conflict.
If someone close to you is in pain, it makes you hurt as well.
You try to heal the ones you love with your kind and open heart.

What's Your Power Color? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

And the funny thing is:
Had you asked me for my all time favorite color I would have said: BLUE!!!
Isn't that nice :)

It's been pouring down!

Now it really feels like living on the west-side of my country!

Lately it's been pouring down whit rain so now it is water everywhere. Had to drive out to the coast today (not that far really - but had also to drive a bit south) and there was so much water in the rivers and creaks. It was an amazing sight - but also a remainder of how powerful water can be. I have to admit that I gave some of the steepest mountainsides a good glance. Didn't want a stone hitting me in my car.

But, thankfully, it went all right both ways!

lørdag, desember 04, 2004

A day inside whit rain drumming down outside

Well, got to post a little today even though the thing I should to is clean!! ;o) Not my favorite hobby, but I love it when it's finished (but today I'm not sure it's ever going to be finished).

Earlier today I was out of the house for some hours, and met a lot of friends and people I knew when attending the advent gathering on the mission centre close by.

My plants have gotten something to live on, some of them even new sand... Thanks for the impulse B! Have tried to sort out all kinds of paper, magazines and so on - what to keep, what to read before throwing, what to throw... The papers keep piling up on me, like it always has done..

So looking around me I see that I got something on my list done!
The above mentioned and more(!)

Tomorrow is a new working day for me. I'm going to a neighbor church and need to leave early to get there in time. Whit other word: I shall try to go to bed before midnight for once!

I still have one episode left (recorded yesterday) of this weeks rerun of "Seventh heaven" - so I think I'll just pop that in and relax a little!

Got paused on BE due to popups!

I would appreciate some help whit figuring out what cause the popups and how to stop it. I don't want popups jumping up on everybody when reading this blog!!!

I've been running whit blocking of popups - so hadn't noticed it before I got a message from BE telling me I'm out until I've removed the popups. And that is just too bad :( I want and need my BE-traffic.........

Well, I'll probably survive no matter what - but I sure do want to know how to prevent popup settling on my site!

A little bit upset now!

anne berit

I missed my dinner!

I've spent today (or rather yesterday!) at my friend B's house. Where we got our selves ready for Christmas and New Year, at least good ideas for the sermons! I loved my stay - and got also some time whit her twin girls who I'm good friends whit!

Then at around 17:30 I got out in my car and started driving home for attending Advent-dinner at 19:00. I didn't have any time to spare, just enough to get there right on time. So I speed up a little bit, and had driven about 25 kilometers when I realized that I had forgotten a bag back at my friends house. I needed it, so there was nothing else to do than turn the car and fetch it!! I was angry whit my self for not remember it when I left and sorry to miss this years Advent-dinner together whit friends at the mission-station (or camp, not quite sure what to call it.... we say leirstad!) It is usually quite nice and they have good meals!

Off course - I could have gotten there some hours late. And I'm sure I would have gotten dinner then, but I didn't feel like it. (One of the reason for me to attend this dinner at all is to share a meal whit other people - I eat enough of them alone at home!) So I went back to my friend B and her family and stayed there for some hours before returning back home!

Tomorrow they'll have sales of many things homemade and more - so I'll join them then. But now I'll soon finish here and go to bed!

God bless! =>

fredag, desember 03, 2004

The value of things!

There is many things to use our money on - especially this days befor the holiday! But can you imagine using or US $10.000 (over 50.000 Norwegian Kroner) for a glas of Martini?

I'm sure the taste will be good and the diamond consiled in one of the ice cube will sparkle, but still it is a lot of money!! And so far it seems noone has ordered one at The Algonquin Hotel in New York....

If I had that kind of money to spend (and what a thought that is!) I think I would have spent it on something more down to earth.... Something I or other needed not just for show-off. But then if you have 10000 $ to spend you probably have all other things you need as well....

I also know that a diamant is valuable - but is it more valuable than people? Do you know if all of us skipped in we could make the world a much better place! Not by handing out our money for nothing - but by paying what the product really costs to make (for example coffee and bananas)!

torsdag, desember 02, 2004

Candle light...

I lit my candle because I believe that light can drive darkness away! If you ever lighted a candle in a otherwise dark room you'll know what a difference it make!
God bless!

Image Hosted by

My day... ;)

I wrote a post at work about my day - but due to network breakdown it seems like it got deleted :( I hate it when it happen, and I'm angry whit my self for not copying the text before publishing - for this is not the first time that has happened!

But here it goes: back to my day!

I slept way too long this morning (some will call the hour which I got out of bed DAY...) - but I surely needed it, and I slept sooooo good! ;o)

I had a devotion whit the elderly in our congregation, and even though I prefer to work whit children, youths and teenagers, I always feel welcome and have a good time together whit them. After the devotion there is coffee and waffles - and room for chat. I stay around 1 - 1,5 hour every third week or so.

Then I went to my office for some work there in preparing the Sunday service. And then I had a look at my big stack of paper and decided that I needed to go to the post office and home for some dinner before I could manage to start whit the paperwork I have neglected for so long. There always (or rather: It FEELS like always....) are some new things to attend to, more pressing than my papers - and so it grows bigger by each day! But this afternoon I hope to shave off some of it!!!

But I will not be finished for tonight I'm leaving for a stay over at my friends house. I love visiting her and her family and now there has been a while since last time - so I look forward to see them all.

Tomorrow is all work (almost) - we shall put our brains together and try to come up whit good ideas for sermon and services this December. I love working whit others like that - but seldom get to do it! So now I can hardly wait =>

To all of you: have some wonderful Advent days!!!
I'll be back later!

anne berit c",)

onsdag, desember 01, 2004

The worlds day for HIV/Aids

Image Hosted by
Is today!

And it is almost over, but I just had to make a post about it because this concerns me - no matter how far it is to those who are most affected! It affect me as a fellow human being and I do care! In the heading are a link to the Norwegian Church Aid - they worked whit this subject for a while and their site (and sister sites elsewhere in the world) have much to offer about how the fight against this terrible decease are battled.

Please visit!
And pray whit me for those who are affected or in danger of being affected of HIV and/or Aids.

Found another Adventcalender, but this one is in Norwegian only:

Hm... wonder what happened..??!!

My blog just turned ugly, both whit color and frames that should not be here!! I have no idea what just happened - but hope that I can figure it out quite soon, because this deal I don't like ;(

Update at 20:41 --> now it looks fine in Firefox, wonder if that is true for the other browsers as well..... ???? Well, before I find out I just have to make myself some food! Need the extra strength ;o)

Update at 22:35 --> back out here I see that my blog also looks fine in the Opera browser, so then I hope everything are back where it should. Earlier I found and corrected some wrongs in a post and it seems like that was what caused it all in fact!! So now --> back to normal blogging :D

Adventcalendars - a search..

In my childhood calendars was really important, I remember the feel of December first - the excitement and anticipation - what would I find behind the first window?? I still do love the feeling - so just for fun I made a little Adventcalendar-search here on the net! As my mother tried to do when I was a little girl - I also below have selected mostly calendars who speak about the Christian Christmas, about the little King born in a stable. Not because the others are so bad, but because this is what I first search for in a calendar now a days!

If you know of an Adventcalendar that's not here - but should be: Please tell me!!

First. My favorite: "Following the star" Here is both word and a short devotion (and more) - easy to read through in the morning before heading for work. I'll make my visit every day from now on!


Here is a you can find small word of wisdom for each day. There also are music and other things to read and click on as well.
A blog-kind of Adventcalendar where you can follow a story and learn about the Biblical story of Nativity as well:

Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church I fond this calendar where I can sing my way through Advent. I didn't find any melodies though, so it is a little hard for me to sing a long since I don't know the tune of many of them (I guess) - but I loved the idea!
Image Hosted by

At I found an calendar whit something to do each (well, that I don't know just yet). I guess that much of this also are for children.

Hope that you will love visit them as I did (and do...!)

Whit love anne berit

First of december is here! Used to love this time of year as a child - I still do! Wish you a happy day remember to enjoy the december feeling just a little bit - even thought as adult this month also is a stressfull time.. I must run... => Posted by Hello

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