onsdag, desember 01, 2004

Adventcalendars - a search..

In my childhood calendars was really important, I remember the feel of December first - the excitement and anticipation - what would I find behind the first window?? I still do love the feeling - so just for fun I made a little Adventcalendar-search here on the net! As my mother tried to do when I was a little girl - I also below have selected mostly calendars who speak about the Christian Christmas, about the little King born in a stable. Not because the others are so bad, but because this is what I first search for in a calendar now a days!

If you know of an Adventcalendar that's not here - but should be: Please tell me!!

First. My favorite: "Following the star" Here is both word and a short devotion (and more) - easy to read through in the morning before heading for work. I'll make my visit every day from now on! http://www.followingthestar.com

At Spirituality.com:

Here is a you can find small word of wisdom for each day. There also are music and other things to read and click on as well.
A blog-kind of Adventcalendar where you can follow a story and learn about the Biblical story of Nativity as well: http://www.livejournal.com/users/adventcalendar/

Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church I fond this calendar where I can sing my way through Advent. I didn't find any melodies though, so it is a little hard for me to sing a long since I don't know the tune of many of them (I guess) - but I loved the idea!
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Calvary.de I found an calendar whit something to do each (well, that I don't know just yet). I guess that much of this also are for children.


Hope that you will love visit them as I did (and do...!)

Whit love anne berit

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