fredag, desember 10, 2004

Angels are good Christmas gift :)

Today I went Christmas shopping. It was a lot of folk in town, and boy am I glad I found some good ideas after short time. I love wander around in book stores but not any other store (Ok! I'll admit gift shops whit a lot of stuff are cool too!)

I found some really beautiful angels. So many of my friends (not all though!) are getting those for Christmas!!! I'll love to put a link to the page showing them off but have to wait until after Christmas eve - some thing should remain a secret ;o) If you do want to know: leave your email and a comment then I'll email you the link - I really loved them!!

I got home around 16:30 - and have just relaxed after a busy week. Love to have such slow evenings! And need it if I'm going to keep my self sane! Christmas is a busy time for anyone, but for a pastor it is one of the busiest time there is all year whit a lot of services and things to prepare and more :o) I do love this time though!

God bless you!

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