torsdag, desember 09, 2004

A Christmas play

Today I sang in the angel choir. And had the part of Gabriel :o)

For the second year we've met at one of my churches for a Christmas play where we take a walk through the Christmas story inside our church. The pilgrimage starts in the local school and all the pupils there are involved in the program, we've been together once before and rehearsed. (In our country there are normally services for school before Christmas as a tradition).

At the school the tree wise men are elected and clothed and Augustus, who lead the tour present himself. All of the people attending get to sign in their name. Then they all are headed up toward the church singing as they go along (it is not far).

Inside I and two other girls are waiting. Gabriel answers the door whit a: "Do not be afraid" and lead the way up on the gallery. There we present the angels and say a little about what our part in the Christmas story are. Then we select some more angels and we all rehearse saying: "Do not be afraid" and then we practices singing "Glory to the Lord..." like the angels song in Bethlehem for the shepherd's.

Augustus lead the others down and into the church. In the middle there is a small wood fire and the shepherds are elected and clothed. Soon they are set down by the fire --> and then we have to sing our angel song. It is all nice and touching but simple even for the small children.

Then we all head for the Adventwreath and lit the candles while singing.
Soon there is the time for Josef and Maria to get clothed and for the guest house owner to find his house. And also this time there is room for the family in the stable and we here the story once more about the little child being born.

At the end the tree wise men get to present their gift to the child, and they all kneel down. There also are some Christmas carols which we sing. A good play it is and in the end we are all glad and joyous over the Christmas story, as we gather for some cake and coffee or lemonade.

What I remember the most?
The sparkling in the eye of a little angel standing there whit her candle - making the world lighter as she sings: "- on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests"

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