lørdag, desember 04, 2004

A day inside whit rain drumming down outside

Well, got to post a little today even though the thing I should to is clean!! ;o) Not my favorite hobby, but I love it when it's finished (but today I'm not sure it's ever going to be finished).

Earlier today I was out of the house for some hours, and met a lot of friends and people I knew when attending the advent gathering on the mission centre close by.

My plants have gotten something to live on, some of them even new sand... Thanks for the impulse B! Have tried to sort out all kinds of paper, magazines and so on - what to keep, what to read before throwing, what to throw... The papers keep piling up on me, like it always has done..

So looking around me I see that I got something on my list done!
The above mentioned and more(!)

Tomorrow is a new working day for me. I'm going to a neighbor church and need to leave early to get there in time. Whit other word: I shall try to go to bed before midnight for once!

I still have one episode left (recorded yesterday) of this weeks rerun of "Seventh heaven" - so I think I'll just pop that in and relax a little!

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