lørdag, desember 18, 2004

Food and talk

This has truly been a day with young people. Starting this morning with holiday service for one of the schools and then an other service in an other church for an other school. I am so impressed of the children's singing, they really make an effort when they knew the words. (Even some of the oldest pupils sings with great joy!!)

Then I got home around three o clock, had an hour of 7 th Heaven, then cleaned up a little bit. Tonight I've had visit of 11 teenagers who earlier attended confirmation class. This is something I do every now and again, and have for the last 1,5 year. It is a great way to stay in touch with the young people. It is also a social event with lot of laughter. We make dinner together and eat sitting around my big table (sometimes there are not room for everybody!) It is so nice, usually most of them leave around midnight but sometimes, like today, those who live closest by stay a little longer. I am so glad and thankful for spending time with these young people, learning about their life and seeing them grow.

They left 30 minutes ago, a tired but happy greeting from me :o)

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