lørdag, desember 04, 2004

I missed my dinner!

I've spent today (or rather yesterday!) at my friend B's house. Where we got our selves ready for Christmas and New Year, at least good ideas for the sermons! I loved my stay - and got also some time whit her twin girls who I'm good friends whit!

Then at around 17:30 I got out in my car and started driving home for attending Advent-dinner at 19:00. I didn't have any time to spare, just enough to get there right on time. So I speed up a little bit, and had driven about 25 kilometers when I realized that I had forgotten a bag back at my friends house. I needed it, so there was nothing else to do than turn the car and fetch it!! I was angry whit my self for not remember it when I left and sorry to miss this years Advent-dinner together whit friends at the mission-station (or camp, not quite sure what to call it.... we say leirstad!) It is usually quite nice and they have good meals!

Off course - I could have gotten there some hours late. And I'm sure I would have gotten dinner then, but I didn't feel like it. (One of the reason for me to attend this dinner at all is to share a meal whit other people - I eat enough of them alone at home!) So I went back to my friend B and her family and stayed there for some hours before returning back home!

Tomorrow they'll have sales of many things homemade and more - so I'll join them then. But now I'll soon finish here and go to bed!

God bless! =>

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