mandag, desember 06, 2004

I'm scared of media...

Today I have had two visits from the media. One radio and one television. I don't like it, but felt it was right of me to do. It was about the adoption and me becoming a single mother (if everything goes as planned).

I am so afraid of saying the wrong thing - would rather have a newspaper where I could read the interview before it got printed. But, hey - they were nice :) So now I'm sitting here all nervous and waiting for it to air, hoping that people around me think this is as good news as I do!!

One thing am I sure of: to adopt is the right thing for me to do! Of course I want my child to have both mom and dad, but right no there is no dad in this house and I don't know if there ever will be. (even though I do have hopes) And that is the case for so many children who live happy life after all. So is it then my responsibility to let my child know other adults of both gender. Give her or him someone to look up to and to trust. And then I have to be here, this is my life from now on - this is what I make my priority. To be a mother.

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