fredag, desember 24, 2004

It's here!

Finally the 24 th door can be opened!
I am up and are soon going out of my home not to return for many hours. At 12 am I take the ferry over to the other side and then there is a drive for an hour to get to the church where the first service are held. Then I'm driving back again, stopping on my way home for a service in the other church I'm pastor for on the south side.

It usually are a lot of people in church, it is a good day and the singing reach heights like no time else in the year. This year I'll be accompanied with some youths; some shall sing, some shall light candles during prayer. I'm looking forward to it and are a little stressed - are the sermon ready, do I have the plan for the service secured, what about the snow - can we drive as fast as we should do??

Yea! It's snow here, come last night. It's beautiful. But I don't want to drive on these roads with the "I-must-drive-fast-enough-so-I-reach-the-ferry-back-home" hanging over my shoulder. (It is not the very last trip, but there are an hour to wait!)

Well, in some way or another it will turn out just fine - I know that! But still....

Have a wonderful day! Merry Christmas and God's peace to mankind!

anne berit =>

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