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The legend of Santa Lucia

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Lucia was a beautiful virgin from Syracuse, a town on the Italian island of Sicily. Her parents were very wealthy so when she was old enough, she had a lot of young men wanting to marry her. One of them was so breath taken by her beautiful eyes that she ripped them out and sent them to him so she shouldn’t be vain. When the young man saw her faith, he became baptised. And the Lord gave Lucia a new pair of eyes, even more beautiful and glorious than the pair before.

In the days of early of Christian persecution Lucia carried food to Christian hiding in the dark underground tunnels. To light her way she wore a wreath of candles on her way.

Lucia became engaged to a pagan young man; he only accepted her faith in Christ because she was very rich. Then it happened that Lucia’s mother, Euthicia, got a sickness they could not heal. Lucia decided to make a pilgrimage to the tomb of Santa Agatha; to pray for a miracle for her mother. She made a promise toward God: if he did cure her mother, Lucia would give all of her money to them who needed it.

Her prayer came true; soon Lucia’s mother became miraculous cured. And Lucia did as promised, gave everything she owned to the poor.

But when her pagan fiancé discovered this, he was furious. He denounced her as a Christian to the local Roman authorities; the roman judge Paschasius. The judge ruled that Lucia had to worship the roman gods, and when she denied, he sentenced her to a brothel and prostitution. But when they should move her, she became immovable. Paschasius then put a rope over her arms and feet and called for a thousand men to drag her to the brothel. But they could not move her because Gods spirit kept her in place. The judge then commanded that they should build a fire around her to burn her alive. He let his people pour boiling oil over her. But nothing did harm her.

Then Lucia started to worship the Lord, her song was so beautiful that everyone had to listen. When the judge heard about it, he got so furious that he ordered them to put a sword right through her throat. But she didn’t loose her voice at once, and shouted that she would be a well doer for the town of Syracuse. When she’s said that, the priest went to her with the bread of the Lord. And she didn’t die before she had gotten that.

She got buried on the very spot she died as a martyr, and a church was build over her grave. She became the patron saint of the city of Syracuse and many where those who found faith in the story about her.

(source: website in heading and a Norwegian book by Kristin Solli Schøien “En kurv til min datter” – my translation and editing)

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