onsdag, desember 29, 2004

My day - and some more on tsunami..

Tonight I'm going to visit some friends I haven't seen in quite a while - that shall be nice. I really look forward to it!!

This has been a busy Christmas, so a day off tomorrow is much cherished. All the more fun is to spend it with friends :o)

Today I have had a funeral in the church closest to where I live, I also has spent some hours at my office. Trying to prepare the year to come, and reading up on the tsunami disaster (see more below!)

One really good news is that the church finally has got it's own room for work related to children, youth and teenagers. It is not always the church is the best place to meet and usually the office is too small. Now it seem like a dream came through: WE HAVE A PLACE TO STAY!! I'm so glad and hope that everything works out in the end (finances....) When January comes we'll start decorating and making the room functional and beautiful => Hope many will join in the process!

This afternoon I finally got an email from our church council with prayers and other stuff to use in the services this weekend. I'm going three places (one each day) - and we will at least pray and pay for and to those affected in southeast Asia and for Norwegian who lost loved one.

Found a link to
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami here is a lot to read about the disaster. Go visit! The link I found at In a minute ago - the blog. Go visit her as well!

Then I leave with a silent prayer for all affected by the tsunami on Christmas day.

God bless!
anne berit

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