torsdag, desember 02, 2004

My day... ;)

I wrote a post at work about my day - but due to network breakdown it seems like it got deleted :( I hate it when it happen, and I'm angry whit my self for not copying the text before publishing - for this is not the first time that has happened!

But here it goes: back to my day!

I slept way too long this morning (some will call the hour which I got out of bed DAY...) - but I surely needed it, and I slept sooooo good! ;o)

I had a devotion whit the elderly in our congregation, and even though I prefer to work whit children, youths and teenagers, I always feel welcome and have a good time together whit them. After the devotion there is coffee and waffles - and room for chat. I stay around 1 - 1,5 hour every third week or so.

Then I went to my office for some work there in preparing the Sunday service. And then I had a look at my big stack of paper and decided that I needed to go to the post office and home for some dinner before I could manage to start whit the paperwork I have neglected for so long. There always (or rather: It FEELS like always....) are some new things to attend to, more pressing than my papers - and so it grows bigger by each day! But this afternoon I hope to shave off some of it!!!

But I will not be finished for tonight I'm leaving for a stay over at my friends house. I love visiting her and her family and now there has been a while since last time - so I look forward to see them all.

Tomorrow is all work (almost) - we shall put our brains together and try to come up whit good ideas for sermon and services this December. I love working whit others like that - but seldom get to do it! So now I can hardly wait =>

To all of you: have some wonderful Advent days!!!
I'll be back later!

anne berit c",)

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