tirsdag, desember 14, 2004

No Christmas without! :o)

For some reason I'm not able to sleep, instead of twisting and turning in bed I will now give you the very best of receipt for gingerbread cookies there is. Tonight I had some friend over for baking gingerbread cookies together and they agreed that my receipt was good - so here it goes (I shall try to translate into English as best I can...):

dl = decilitre gr = kilogram ts = teaspoon

1,5 dl light syrup
80 gr magarine
75 gr caster sugar
1 dl VIKING milk (condensed milk, in Norway prodused by Nestle)

This you have in a pan and bring it up to a boil. Take it off the plate and let it cool down for a while.

375 gr wheat flour
2 ts ginger powder
1/4 ts black pepper powder
2 ts Natron (some speciale kind of baking powder for dough whit syrup)

Mix it all together and styr in the liquid made before.
Let the dough cool off in the fridge for at least one night.

When baked out use some wheat flour to make it less sticky, bake in owen at 180 C for about 8 minutes. Cool down; later you can decorate with icingsugar. Enjoy!

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